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Be the most effective.

Incident Response

Build upon your readiness to execute at the highest standards. Respond smarter than anyone else by knowing real-time information. Utilize your single source of truth to make better decisions multiplying the effectiveness of your resources.

Response phase - Emergency response cycle

You cannot act alone.

When a situation occurs, information moves fast and is outdated as soon as you write it down. Critical knowledge is spread across roles and fails to make it into the common operating picture.

No matter if you protect people, property, and the environment - or companies, brands, and services - your situation moves fast, cannot be solved alone, and your actions must be defensible.

Our solution.

True interoperability is about connecting people with information technology. A powerful response solution enables collaboration between roles through a single source of truth. An effective response solution will be incredibly easy to use.

D4H is a powerful and effective solution that deploys a suite of real-time technologies into the hands of your personnel, ensuring you always have the latest information.

Effective responses

You are their best chance at a good outcome. Increase the effectiveness of your response with a common operating picture.

Great Efficiencies

Do things right the first time with more information, better understanding, and predetermined incident plans.

True accountability

Responsibility is shared, accountability is not. Audit the source and timestamp of every piece of information and action.

Incident response software.

D4H is a playbook for effective response.

No learning curve.

Real-time incident management software that enables your organization to coordinate an effective response to any situation.

  • Share a common operating picture.
  • Collaborate with everyone.
  • Adapt to any incident.
  • Defend your big decisions.
  • Be audit-ready
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Respond more effectively.

With D4H you will reach the highest standard of response.

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Control all three phases of every incident.


Ensure well-managed equipment and personnel are always ready to go.


Assert an effective and professional response to every incident.


Gain insights from consistent reporting and evidence your value.