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Prepared for the worst.

Incident Readiness

Those with pride in what they do, know that a good response starts with good preparation. The only way to respond effectively, sustainably, and safely is through a state of permanent readiness.

Readiness phase - Emergency response cycle

Risking your mission.

A lack of readiness can risk your mission; with potentially fatal consequences. The slow deterioration of readiness can creep through organizations, ultimately resulting in unavailability to respond. Great inefficiencies cost time, regulatory breaches costs money, and a failure in training can cost the lives of your own personnel.

Unfortunately, a response organization has many moving parts with specialist training and expensive asset problems being compounded by personnel turnover and ever-expiring equipment. Ensuring total readiness is a complex, but crucial task, often left to rely on risky methods such as whiteboards, spreadsheets, and other non-dedicated solutions.

Our solution.

Every good response has good readiness behind it. A powerful readiness system means being able to visualize the readiness of your entire organization in a single dashboard, and an effective one will notify you when something needs action.

Readiness by D4H is a dedicated software solution that ensures your personnel and equipment are in a permanent state of preparedness. It achieves these successes by moving your records, scheduling, qualifications, inspections, and inventories into the cloud, adding proactive alerts and reminders, and making the entire experience collaborative.

Safer operations

Reduce unnecessary risks and damage with better training, cared after equipment, and shared awareness.

Costs controlled

Identify growing training liabilities, predict unexpected costs, track funding sources, and document maintenance expenses.

Respond Smarter

Guarantee more efficient and effective responses with enhanced capabilities, increased availability, and reduced time to resolution.

Incident readiness software.

D4H is a playbook for success.

Your personnel, always ready.

Measure performance and collaboratively engage your personnel to reach the highest standard of professionalism.

  • Manage personnel records.
  • Track training and qualifications.
  • Communicate and collaborate.
  • Easy reporting and insights.
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Your equipment, always ready.

Ensure all of your equipment is ready-to-respond with proactive inspections, repairs, expiry dates, and service history logs.

  • Full equipment inventory cache.
  • Never miss an inspection.
  • Ensure no expired equipment is in use.
  • Gain a valuation of your entire cache.
  • Easily generate reports and insights.
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Be ready. Respond smarter.

Contact us to learn how D4H can help you reach the highest standard of readiness.

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Control all three phases of every incident.


Gain insights from consistent reporting and evidence your value.


Ensure well-managed equipment and personnel are always ready to go.


Assert an effective and professional response to every incident.