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Incident Re-Evaluation

The difference that separates exceptional response organizations from the average ones, lies in their competence to re-evaluate their response performance - and how they can use this data both to advance to the next level, and to evidence their true value to others. Organizations need to stop just collating data and start analyzing it.

Re-Evaluation phase - Emergency response cycle

Good data is hard to get.

Everyone knows that debriefs and after-action reports are important but they don’t all know why. Without re-evaluating your responses you cannot increase your capabilities, you cannot improve your readiness, and you cannot get long-term funding.

Detailed and accurate reports are hard enough to collate as it is, but analyzing them is impossible without consistency. Organizations often fail to provide easy-to-use reporting tools that put the front-line responder first, then fail to generate meaningful insights from the data.

Our solution.

When done right, every response creates an opportunity to learn and improve. Answer questions, publish indisputable facts, make compelling funding applications, and discover the strengths & weaknesses of your organization.

Re-evaluation by D4H is a powerful and effective solution that helps you collect consistent and high-quality data from across your organization. Data is automatically analyzed and can be queried as soon it is submitted so you’ll never have to wait for results again.

Integrated Reporting

Instantly query data from across your entire organization. Compare readiness and response data with re-evaluation.

The most data wins

Organizations with the most data win. They win funding, they win equipment, and they win new capabilities.

Predict the future

Identify patterns and trends to make good budgeting decisions for future training and equipment purchases.

Incident re-evaluation software.

D4H is a playbook for success.

Evidence. Report. Improve.

Access game-changing data to re-evaluate operations, make better decisions and evidence the true value of your organization.

  • Report across the organization.
  • Drive efficiency with better decisions.
  • Identify incident patterns and trends.
  • Re-evaluate responses.
  • Recover your costs.
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Unlock your true potential.

D4H turns your incident response data into powerful insights.

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Control all three phases of every incident.


Assert an effective and professional response to every incident.


Gain insights from consistent reporting and evidence your value.


Ensure well-managed equipment and personnel are always ready to go.