D4H Mobile Apps

Official mobile apps for phone and tablet allowing you to access your data anywhere.

D4H Personnel App

iOS & Android Apps

The official app for D4H Personnel & Training. D4H Personnel is your personal responder mobile app, designed to allow you to ensure personnel readiness from your Apple iOS or Android smartphone.

Responders can access their information, mark themselves on- or off-duty, and view the status of their response team at any time. A built-in monthly calendar allows you to clearly see your scheduled and past activities and on-call / off-call periods at a glance. See upcoming activities on your home screen agenda, view training and meeting details, single-click to launch a map complete with GPS driving directions, read and post whiteboard messages and more…

D4H Equipment App

iOS & Android Apps

The official app for D4H Equipment Management, the world’s #1 response ready software. Check in on your equipment from anywhere. D4H Equipment Management for iPhone, iPad, and Android shows you the real-time availability and status of each item.

Jump in during a live operation and update the status or move an item to a new location. View progress as team members completes repairs and inspections. Everything from your equipment stockpile is available, so you can refer to quantities or check an expiry date to make a decision no matter where you are. Read more…

D4H Incident Management App

iOS & Android Apps

The official app for D4H Incident Management. Your personal responder mobile app, designed to that those involved in responding to an incident and their management can look at the same common operating picture at all times.

This smartphone and tablet app for iOS and Android is designed to give teams enhanced control when in the field. Tools such as detailed mapping, status boards, forms, and logs enable the coordination of an effective response to emergency situations. A simple user-interface, with built-in notifications, enables response organizations to create a common operating picture, communicate objectives, and collaborate on an effective incident resolution. Read more…