D4H Integrations

Expand the possibilities, connect all your services to D4H. Use our API to build your integrations to automate workflow, push your data to other services, and showcase your statistics on your website. Use our built-in integrations to send SMS Messages, deliver Voice Messages, access your Esri GIS content and much more. Some sample integrations are featured below, but if you're interested in building your own why not look at our API Documentation or talk to our engineering team.


Mass Notification

Deliver organizational resilience on an unprecedented scale. Through real-time threat intelligence, situational awareness, and integrated response and collaboration across the enterprise, users gain a common operating picture of all critical event types. Everbridge seamless integration with D4H Incident Management software solution enable powerful enhanced communications.

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Mass Notification

Launch and manage incidents from within a single interface. Send Singlewire mass-notifications by SMS and Email to the public, campus population, staff, and your response team, without ever switching software. Our ‘Share by Mass-Notification’ button on any form, document, or status-board will create a secure link that can be automatically delivered by Singlewire and opened on any mobile device and will automatically update throughout the incident for the recipient.

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GIS Mapping

Esri provides enterprise geographic information system (GIS) solutions that empower organizations to make timely, informed decisions by leveraging the power of geography. Public safety organizations worldwide use Esri technology to obtain a common operational picture (COP) that delivers real-time situational awareness and enhances multi-agency collaboration. Having a unified view of incidents allows for a coordinated response during disasters and emergencies. GIS supports all four phases of emergency management – preparation, mitigation, response and recovery. GIS serves as the backbone of integrated public safety applications that support emergency management and response, intelligence-led policing, fire protection and wildfire management, national security, critical infrastructure protection, search and rescue missions, and mobile field deployments.

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Connect Rocket


Connect Rocket is a tasking and communication tool used by leading emergency services organizations to facilitate rapid, safe and efficient emergency response and operational communications. Utilizing Multi-Channel Messaging™, Connect Rocket relies upon voice, text and e-mail communications to ensure reliable messaging when it matters most.

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SMS, Voice Calls

Twilio is a cloud communications company based in San Francisco, California. Twilio allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs.

Twilio is a built-in D4H Integration that allows teams to purchase their own phone numbers, send SMS and Voice messages to team members, groups and different roster shifts all from within the D4H application.

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SMS, New Zealand

Net24 is one of New Zealand’s leading web hosting and data hosting providers. They have been providing robust, secure and fast New Zealand web hosting services to New Zealand businesses since 1999.

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World Text


Staying in touch with personnel, staff, community members or groups for alerts, emergencies, schedules confirmations, and notifications can be difficult. Bulk SMS is tried, tested and economic, giving unparalleled open & response rates in seconds.

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