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A highly proactive system to easily manage the administration of personnel, qualifications, training, attendance, and availability. Measure performance and collaboratively engage your personnel to reach the highest standard of professionalism.

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D4H devices personnel & training

Your personnel, always ready.

It only takes three steps with D4H.

Know who you have

Effortlessly access personnel records, qualifications, availability, attendance, and past experience. Benefit from structured and audit ready data available on any device.

Build & improve

Build a skillful and experienced team with scheduled training plans that help you prioritize and meet requirements. Achieve readiness with proactive alerts when courses are due.

Engage & collaborate

Target communications to team members using built-in email, text messages, and voice calls. Collaborate and engage through leaderboards, discussions, and weekly briefings.

Single source of readiness

Reach the highest standards of professionalism through the continuous measurement of readiness of your personnel; all from a single secure dashboard.

Personnel Records

Build a complete profile of your personnel, bringing together all of their records on a single page.

Shared Calendars

Publish shared training schedules to track exercises, meetings, tasks, and on-call status.

On-Call Planner

Enable members to update their availability to ensure you always have the capability to respond.

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D4H Personnel training qualifications image

Simplify the tracking of training

A full credential management system at your fingertips. Manage your entire training program by building exercises with pre-plans, attached documents, assigned roles, and more.

Qualification Management

Automatically determine who is missing qualifications based on the expectations for their role. Forecast expiry dates to determine when the next course is required.

Budget Planning

Monitor upcoming training requirements to forecast budget needs and expenditure. Identify personnel holding qualifications that no longer need renewal.

Certificate Expiry Alerts

Our software will pro-actively notify personnel and training officers before any qualifications expire.

MyD4H app is readiness in your pocket

Your personnel can easily manage their availability, attendance, and schedule on-the-go with a dedicated app for smartphones. Users can conveniently manage and share their own information.

MyD4H app Screens image

Engage everybody collaboratively

Create a sense of progression, ambition, and pride in your personnel. Engage members with personal profiles, leaderboards, and self-service apps.

Tasks and Discussions

Create tasks for yourself or assign them to other personnel. Powerful collaboration tools include the ability to comment, ask questions, and make proposals.

Effective Communications

Targeted communications across text message, email, and voice, to specific groups as qualification holders, membership lists, or by activity.

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D4H Personnel training attendance image

Always ready for audit

Response teams with the most data win. They win more budget, they win more capability, and they win more respect. Capture the intangible values of your response team.

Powerful Reporting

Learn and improve with automatic monthly and annual reports, real-time charts, spreadsheet downloads, and visualizations.

Historic Records

Keep an archive of all activities undertaken by a person to evidence if needed later. Evidence year-on-year records, membership churn rates, and retirement reasons.


"D4H revolutionized how we conduct our business."

Jeff Straub - Emergency Manager, South Carolina

"Solid collaborative communication platform."

"Provides cutting edge technologies and effective outcomes."

Glendale Hazmat using D4H Personnel and Training

Glendale HazMat Improves Their Efficiency by Embracing New Technology

This is how the City of Glendale HazMat team are using a software solution to improve the sustainability and accountability of their team.

Toll Helicopters Using D4H Personnel

How D4H Helps Toll Deliver Mission-Critical Helicopter Services

In 2017, Toll Helicopters announced they were proud to have partnered with D4H Technologies in their provision of helicopter rescue services for New South Wales in Australia.

Waimakariri using D4H Personnel and Training

How Waimakariri District Council Embraced New Technology to Help Run Their Emergency Operations Center

Located in New Zealand, the Waimakariri District Council needs to be prepared and equipped for a variety of emergency situations. This is how they track their personnel qualifications and manage their incidents with D4H.

Western Wayne using D4H Personnel

How Western Wayne County Tracks Their Most Valuable Assets

Western Wayne County Hazardous Materials Response Team have demanding administrative needs with valuable equipment, important personnel qualifications and challenging incidents to manage and track.

Montgomery County using D4H Personnel

How Montgomery County HazMat Team Has Transformed Their Response Capabilities Using D4H

This is how a Pennsylvanian HazMat response team is using D4H Readiness and Response software to increase efficiencies within their organization.

Vancouver HUSAR using D4H Personnel

How Vancouver CAN-TF1 (HUSAR) Boosts their Readiness with D4H

CAN-TF1 have decided to deploy D4H Readiness & Response software to increase efficiencies in their organization. Vancouver CAN-TF1 is a Heavy Urban Search & Rescue (HUSAR) team and is one of four such teams across Canada (CAN-TF1-Vancouver BC, CAN-TF2-Calgary AB, CAN-TF3-Toronto ON, and CAN-TF4-Brandon MB) with another two planned (CAN-TF5 Halifax NS and CAN-TF6 Montreal QC).

Benefits at all levels.

  •   Personnel Level
    • See training schedules and respond to your invites.
    • Manage assigned tasks for evidence of work done.
    • See your qualification and attendance records on file.
    • Update your contact details on file.
    • Update your on-call availability.
    • Access team information and documents.
  •   Team Level
    • See the attendance, performance, and training of all personnel.
    • Send individual and group communications, manually or automatically.
    • Engage personnel to update their own data where applicable.
    • Better oversight, audit, preparation, and learning opportunities.
    • Control access levels and permissions.
  •   Organization Level
    • Gather real-time personnel information from teams across a region.
    • Compare training requirements and gaps in different teams
    • Forecast training budget requirements for upcoming years.
    • Find efficiencies by sharing training across teams.
    • Control the whole organization with pre-determined structures and reporting.
Security First

Data is always encrypted, password protected, and only accessible to authorized users.

Privacy Compliance

Data remains owned by your organization. Our policy is to protect personal data.

Automatic Backups

Data is automatically mirrored across multiple availability zones with point-in-time recovery.

Make personnel management easy.

  • Manage personnel records and contact details.
  • Track training and qualifications.
  • Target communications and collaborate.
  • Easy reporting and insights.
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