D4H Incident Reporting
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D4H Incident Reporting

Automatically generate insightful incident reports with charts, visualizations, and statistics. Access game-changing data to re-evaluate operations, make better decisions, and evidence the true value of your organization.

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Modules Included

Incident Reports

Create a common reporting format to ensure that the same fields are being filled in every time. By creating common formats you may easily report and measure your incidents.

Incident Timestamps

Custom timestamps may be configured to track each timestamp of an incident for example alerted, mobile, on-scene, stood-down, and returned to base.

Incident Mapping

Each incident can be added with a latitude-longitude, grid coordinates, or GIS reverse geo-coded address search. Drag and drop a pin on the map for simple entry of incident locations.

Analytics & Reporting

As your incidents are tracked within D4H, your stats are constantly being updated. D4H Incident Reporting allows for quick and simple generation of weekly, monthly and annual reports as well as your own custom reports.

Charts & Visuals

D4H Incident Reporting generates charts and maps for response re-evaluation optimization. Our charts and data allow you to always be prepared with the answers to questions regarding your team's performance.

Cost Recovery & Billing

Automatically track the cost of your incidents, training, and exercises as you complete your reports. Ensure you understand the full costs of your activities and monitor that you are staying in line with your budgets and plans.

Lost Person Behavior by ISRID

Approved as an International Search and Rescue Incident Database (ISRID) Silver compatible data source, you can single-click to export all lost person behavior statistics for submission to the international databases.

Cluster Maps

Partnered with Esri Mapping, we provide street, topographic, and satellite imagery. We overlay your training exercises and incidents on maps allowing you to visualize incident hotspots and discrepancies in training location selection.

Persons Involved

Complete victim reports including injuries, medical assistance rendered, and outcomes. Record contact details for witnesses, reporting parties, and any other persons involved.

Automatic Weather Data

Using forecast.io, at the click of a button D4H automatically looks-up the weather on scene at the time and location selected in the incident report and auto-fills your report for you.

Automatic Reference Numbering

Your reports will be assigned a unique reference number, enabling you to easily locate and manage them.

Hazardous Materials

Collect valuable data relating to the frequency at which your team encounters various hazardous materials, track the chemical, samples, air monitoring, and containers.

Printable PDF

Each incident report can be downloaded as a PDF and printed in a standardized template format.

Extras Included


Create and assign tasks to personnel, including project work or add to a pool of open tasks. Track these jobs and other actions from not started, in progress, to complete. Receive emails as tasks you’ve created are marked as complete.


Upload training materials, manuals, and resources to a shared document repository. Attach photos to training exercises and ensure security by adding permissions to folders. This enables you to access important documents from any location and device.


Start internal discussions about anything in the system such as activities, tags, and qualifications. Write comments, ask questions, and make proposals.

Address Book

A shared address book allows you to collect the contact details of suppliers, resources, and other external persons. Address book contacts can be added to activities by adding them as a resource and then selecting the contacts.


Tags allow you to track and measure frequency of activity within each of your capabilities and skills. Add tags for each area of competence you wish to track and apply them to relevant activities. We will show you a breakdown of activities by type against each tag.


Add your external resources such as other agencies, facilities, and organizations. Track as these resources attend you activities and then analyze and report on the frequency of different activity types of each by tag and attendance.


Automatical annual and monthly reports will document your continued progress. Create custom reports with dropdowns and keywords to filter your data. Both PDF and Spreadsheet exports are available for each report.


Quick visualizations of frequencies, distributions, of activities, attendance, and more. Gain an insight into patterns and trends to look for year-on-year growth or decline.


Keyword search is available on every screen to quickly find any entity within the system.

API Access

Our API documentation is available to build integrations and add-ons. Our engineering team is available to assist you with any questions through our help desk.


Access Levels

After adding all your members, you have the option to provide an access level. Break users up into Member, Member+, Editor, and Owner. Further, add specific permissions such as the ability to draft reports or basic functions.

Custom Fields

Our custom fields can be added to most entities within the system allowing you to customize their appearance and the data collected on each. Custom field data can be marked as secure or available to all members.


D4H is available in a number of languages including English, Canadian French, Icelandic, and Danish. Localize your local account to match local measurement units and data formats.

GDPR Compliant

D4H provides all the tools, data exports, and compliance to help your organization be GDPR compliant. Contact us for information on response team considerations.

Export Spreadsheets

Export all data into spreadsheets, and create custom reports and filters.

Approval Status

Some members may be granted 'Draft Only' status. Drafts can be approved by an administrator once ready for approval.


Global Incident Visualization

Review incident data from across your entire organization collected into one single cluster map of the region.

Common Reporting Forms

Configure custom fields across all team reports ensuring common fields, terminology, and measurable results.

Product Integrations

How does Incident Management integrate?

  • Incidents managed in Incident Management can automatically create a draft Incident Report.
  • Paperwork and PDFs from can be automatically attached to an incident report.
  • Personnel who are marked as at an incident may be added to the attendance on the draft incident report.
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How does Personnel & Training integrate?

  • Members can have their attendance, timestamps, and roles added to an incident.
  • Analyze which members are attending incidents the most frequently.
  • Include members, meals, and mileage, on incident cost recovery.
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How does Equipment Management Integrate?

  • Mark items of equipment as used on incidents tracking hours and distance.
  • Track the number of consumables used on an incident.
  • Include equipment on incident cost recovery.
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Included Services

24/7 Availability

We provide our software as a cloud service available 24/7. Our engineers take care of the hosting, maintenance, and upgrades for you.

Help Desk

Our dedicated help desk team is always on hand to help. Browse our knowledge-base, email our helpdesk, or book a 1-1 webinar.

Training Webinars

System administrator training and 'Train-The-Trainer' sessions provide the tools and knowledge to customize your own system. *Only available on specific plans.

Implementation Manager

We will include an implementation manager to tailor the project milestones and timelines in accordance with your own project goals including weekly 1-1 calls. *Only available on specific plans.

Data Encryption

Our security-first policy ensures data is always encrypted, password-protected, and only accessible to authorized users.

Automatic Backups

Customer data is automatically mirrored across multiple availability zones with point-in-time recovery of our databases.

Data Residency

We provide our products and guarantee data residency across data centers in the United States, Canada, European Union, and Australia.

Data Ownership

Customer data remains owned and controlled by the customer at all times. D4H acts only as an algorithmic data processor to store and retrieve your data as controlled by you.

Data Import

Your implementation manager can import data sets from your spreadsheets to get you started. *Only available on specific plans.

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  • Report across the organization.
  • Evidence your value.
  • Drive efficiency with better decisions.
  • Identify incident patterns and trends.
  • Re-evaluate responses.
  • Recover your cost.
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