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Automatically generate insightful incident reports with charts, visualizations, and statistics. Access game-changing data to re-evaluate operations, make better decisions, and evidence the true value of your organization.

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Evidence your value with easy reporting.

In 3 easy steps using D4H

Document your incidents

Easily write and submit your incident reports, turning them into a searchable historic database. Our secure platform will help you gather high-quality consistent data.

Gain insights & re-evaluate

Access easy-to-analyze data presented in comprehensive visual formats including charts and maps. Unlock powerful insights by clicking through your patterns and trends.

Organization wide reporting

Set reporting across your entire organization, and gather data in real-time from anywhere in the country. Our workflows ensure high-quality editing and approval processes.

Make reporting simple

Quick entry and automatic reporting make the task of accountability simple. Build a complete history of your responses which you can search, interrogate, and visualize to transform your organization’s incidents into data-driven operations.

Automatic Reports

Insightful monthly, annual, and custom reports are automatically generated and can be emailed to management.

Quickly Document

Simple forms and standardized inputs make it quick for anybody in your organization to write a high-quality incident report in a matter of minutes.

Charts & Visuals

Navigate your historical database of incidents using real-time charts and cluster maps to visualize patterns and trends.

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Evidence Your Value

Your incidents are the reason why we are all here, and good data tells your story. Demonstrate the volume of responses you undertake, the hours you dedicate, and the cost of your operations.

Secure Grants

Single-click printing of incident reports that factually demonstrate your eligibility for grants and funding sources.

Predict Budgets

Understand the trends in your past incidents to predict new equipment investments, capability enhancements, and manpower volumes.

Cost Recovery

A dedicated cost recovery module will help you itemize the cost of each incident. Breakdown consumables, personnel, vehicles, and mileage.

Organization-Wide Statistics In Real-Time

Collate standardized incident reports from multiple teams across your entire organization. No matter of their geographical location, reports are delivered in real-time, and your organization-wide statistics are updated in real-time.

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Know it all with special modules

All data you might need at your fingertips. You can know the who, what, where, and when of every incident.

Photos & Documents

Drag & drop photos and documents to attach them to your incident report.

Hazardous Materials

Document chemicals, gases, explosions, and fires using our searchable materials database. Save records of air monitoring, samples taken, and materials involved.

Lost Person Behavior

Build lost/missing person behavior statistics and automatically transmit to government databases every 24 hours.

Persons Involved

Build a profile of the demographics, injuries, and illnesses encountered at incidents.

Build Your Own

Our custom fields module allows you to customize your own forms to build a specialist reporting solution.

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Drive efficiency with better decisions.

Unlock knowledge, identify problems, and beat conventional wisdom. Unlike generally accepted theories and beliefs, your data does not lie.

Prevention First

By understanding your data, you can look for opportunities for incident prevention. Predict incidents to warn and educate those you protect.

Target Training

Tag your incidents with your training techniques. Know exactly what you should be training in and how you should be training in it.

Integrated Data

Connect to our other products to track personnel attendance and equipment usage. Single-click export spreadsheets for analysis.


"D4H does a phenomenal job of providing a platform for effective report writing and cost recovery"

Benefits at all levels.

  •   Personnel Level
    • Easily submit incident reports and paperwork.
    • Gain awareness and learn from what you missed.
    • Lookup your individual incident attendance history.
  •   Team Level
    • Build a searchable database of all your incidents.
    • Be able to single-click quantify your value.
    • Demonstrate required equipment and training.
    • Identify key response personnel based on attendance rates.
    • Know where to focus training and resources.
    • Easy printable exports of your incident reports.
  •   Organization Level
    • Collate incident reports from across your organization.
    • Receive reports as instantly as they are submitted.
    • Compare and contrast incidents across teams.
    • Consistent organization-wide reporting forms.
    • Identify patterns and trends nationally and by region.
Secure Local Hosting

All data is high-compliance, protected, private, and encrypted to keep it fully secure.

Data ownership

Your data is owned and accessible only by you and it is always available when you need it.

Backed Up

We automatically upgrade your platform to the latest version of our software.

Make incident reporting easy.

  • Report across the organization.
  • Evidence your value.
  • Drive efficiency with better decisions.
  • Identify incident patterns and trends.
  • Re-evaluate responses.
  • Recover your cost.
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