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D4H Incident Management

Real-time incident management software that enables the coordination of an effective response to any situation. Easily create a common operating picture, communicate objectives, and collaborate on a resolution using forms, tasks, logs, maps, and status boards.

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Modules Included

Situation Report

Communicate the incident briefing clearly to your entire team by filling in and customizing a prominent 'sitrep' with your current objectives.

Status Boards

Build your own colorful status boards for visually tracking information for any possible scenario. Configure rules, workflows, and forms.

Tasks & Checklists

Manage actions from creation through to completion. Design task workflows, forms, and checklists, to assign and delegate out the actions to teams and personnel.


Our built-in interactive GIS mapping offers you Esri ArcGIS base-layers with satellite imagery, street maps, geocoding, clustered visualizations, annotations, and image overlays.

Event Log

A real-time chronological log will automatically timestamp, tag, source, and audit your information. Quickly access, search, and filter using our unique 'FollowMe Logging'.

Forms & Paperwork

Use our form builder to design and distribute the forms you need to be completed during an incident, including ICS forms.

Document Library

Store and share your incident response documentation within the platform to ensure all responders have the most recent up to date information.


Our role-based logic allows you to build teams of roles and positions. Selecting personnel for a role will assign them all tasks assigned to that role.

Organization Charts

Draw your organization chart with our visual builder. Create a unity of command and see your organization chart update in real-time as you assign roles.

Status Levels

Define incident status levels and colors allowing users to select from your list to prominently display the current status to all users.


Automatically build out a list of all personnel who sign-in to join your incident or manually document a check-in process for others.


Automatic weather feeds from DarkSky will update you with weather on-scene and tactical weather forecasts for the next 72hrs.


Visualize your entire incident on a dashboard, with previews of maps, auto-scrolling log, key performance indicators, metrics, and task progress.

Data Retrieval


All timestamped log entries and form field data is keyword searchable throughout the incident showing you who created it, their role at the time, and when the information was first known.


Our unique 'FollowMe Logging' uses tags as a filing system for all posts. Posts will be automatically tagged where possible, and relevant log posts to each entity shown beside it.

Realtime Filters

Set up a keyword or tag search filter that will update matching content in real-time letting you filter your scrolling log to only show the most relevant information to you.

Audit Trail

All information collected is assigned a source, timestamp, and version history. All of this data, snapshots, and all uploaded attachments may be exported as a chronological audit trail once the incident has resolved.

Complete Export

At the end of your incident, we will package up a downloadable ZIP file will PDF copies of all forms, attachments, images, documents, status boards, and your logs.

Data Sharing

Printable PDF

All pages, from status boards through to forms may be downloaded as printable PDF files for hardcopy distribution. All pages are branded with your organization logo and header.

Spreadsheet Exports

Your status boards are exportable to a CSV file which can be opened in your choice of spreadsheet software or imported into other systems.

Share By Email

Everything may be shared externally by pressing 'share by email' at any time. The selected content is packaged up and delivered to your selected recipient by our system.

Share By Link

All forms may be made sharable through the generation of a public link. This secret link can be distributed externally to allow other agencies access real-time updates to the selected content.


When completing an operational period, you may 'snapshot' your forms to make a copy of them for that period, then continue editing from where you left off without re-starting forms from scratch.



Use the '@' symbol to mention other roles, teams, and personnel by name when typing log entries. Mentioned personnel will receive a notification.

Browser Notifications

The platform will send in-browser pop-up notifications if you are assigned a task, mentioned in a log post, or designated a new role while online.

Email Notifications

If offline, you will receive email notifications for any assignments, mentions, or new incidents. Click through to open the task in a web browser.

Mobile Notifications

Once installed, our mobile app will send push notifications to your pocket when you are added to an incident, assigned a task, or mentioned in the log.


Initiate messages from your mass-notification software directly from within D4H Incident Management. Your messages will be visible within the channel and logged as timestamped entries. * Requires mass-notification gateway


Granular Permissions

Each of your users is given their own unique username and password which they will use to access the system. Granular permissions allow you to control exactly what each user can do and see.

Import Data

While any file type may be uploaded, the system will parse spreadsheets (.csv), images (.jpg, .png), GeoJson (.json, .geojson), GPS Exchange format (.gpx), Keyhole Markup Language (.kml, .kmz), and Shapefile archive (.zip).

Scenario Designer

Pre-design a play for any scenario your team could face. Automate the creation of the required checklists, reference documents, forms, and organization charts for each scenario.

Form Builder

Our admin area features a custom form builder so you can design any form you wish. Replicate your exact paperwork to our collaborative environment.


Store your re-usable data, content, status boards, templates, and documents in our collections. Collections are available for import into any channel throughout the incident.


Localize all forms, paperwork, status boards, and task lists to your own requirements. The system can adapt to most worldwide incident response frameworks.

Custom Branding

Custom brand your environment with logos and naming conventions. Brand choices will display on all print-outs and the navigation bar for all users and shared links.


Real-Time Cloud

Our platform is delivered as a hosted service. Your users need to just sign-in using any web browser or our mobile app from anywhere in the world to begin managing an incident.


Our collaborative environment is truly multi-user, all paperwork, forms, and boards can be edited at the same time by any permissioned user. Updates from other users are shown in real-time as they work.

Browser Based

The minimum requirements for use is an internet connection and a modern web browser. No download or install is required.

Offline Mode

The software is designed to provide continuity if your internet connection is intermittent. The software will drop to single-user-mode, queue your inputs, and sync on re-connection.

Smartphone App

Our companion smartphone app lets you manage incidents from your mobile device. Our app is available for iOS and Android and includes push notifications for alerts.

Simple User Interface

Our entire success is centered on the usability of our platform. Incident management teams need to be able to pick up our software and it feel instantly familiar. It needs to be easier to use than their pen.

Channel Based

Run multiple separate incidents on different channels at the same time. Channels allow you to silo data to segregate and permission incident information to only those who need to see it.


North American Incident Command System (ICS)

Compatible with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) ICS forms used within the United States and Canada.

Australasian Inter-Service Incident Management System (AIIMS)

Management by objective using the Australasian Inter-Service Incident Management System (AIIMS)

New Zealand Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS)

Perform New Zealand Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) structured responses with the relationships between the respective CIMS functions.

Aviation Crisis Management

Pre-built structures for aviation crisis response teams with role-based checklists and information boards for both cargo and passenger flights.

Product Integrations

How does Incident Reporting Integrate?

  • Incidents managed in Incident Management can automatically create a draft Incident Report.
  • Paperwork and PDFs from can be automatically attached to an incident report.
  • Personnel who are marked as at an incident may be added to the attendance on the draft incident report.
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How does Personnel & Training integrate?

  • Import members directly from Personnel & Training to match their attendance records afterwards.
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Included Services

24/7 Availability

We provide our software as a cloud service available 24/7. Our engineers take care of the hosting, maintenance, and upgrades for you.

Help Desk

Our dedicated help desk team is always on hand to help. Browse our knowledge-base, email our helpdesk, or book a 1-1 webinar.

Training Webinars

System administrator training and 'Train-The-Trainer' sessions provide the tools and knowledge to customize your own system. *Only available on specific plans.

Implementation Manager

We will include an implementation manager to tailor the project milestones and timelines in accordance with your own project goals including weekly 1-1 calls. *Only available on specific plans.

Data Encryption

Our security-first policy ensures data is always encrypted, password-protected, and only accessible to authorized users.

Automatic Backups

Customer data is automatically mirrored across multiple availability zones with point-in-time recovery of our databases.

Data Residency

We provide our products and guarantee data residency across data centers in the United States, Canada, European Union, and Australia.

Data Ownership

Customer data remains owned and controlled by the customer at all times. D4H acts only as an algorithmic data processor to store and retrieve your data as controlled by you.

Data Import

Your implementation manager can import data sets from your spreadsheets to get you started. *Only available on specific plans.

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  • Share a common operating picture.
  • Collaborate with everyone.
  • Adapt to any incident.
  • Defend your big decisions.
  • Be audit-ready.
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