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Real-time incident management software that enables the coordination of an effective response to any situation. Easily create a common operating picture, communicate objectives, and collaborate on a resolution using forms, tasks, logs, maps, and status boards.

D4H devices incident management

Effective response, no learning curve.

It only takes three steps with D4H.

Launch incidents

Instantly launch a pre-planned response to begin collaborating. Publish a situation report, assign roles, and communicate your incident to response personnel and stakeholders.

Respond effectively

Use real-time status boards, forms, and GIS mapping to manage and understand the impact of your situation. Assign tasks, coordinate resources, and record your actions in the activity log.

Document accurately

Automatically produce and download audit-ready documentation at the conclusion of the incident. Each piece of information you gather is timestamped and versioned.

Your common operating picture.

Our real-time maps, forms, activity logs, and checklists will give your response a common operating picture. Everyone will be on the same page no matter their location.

Situational Awareness

Bring the reality of your incident to life with our sharable situation reports.

Know The Pre-Plan

Build your own plays to give your personnel a head start when launching an incident.

Make Decisions Faster

A clear common operating picture translates into a faster more efficient response.

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D4H Incident management collaborate image

Highly collaborative environment.

Communicate with your team in real-time using built-in collaboration tools. It makes working together a whole lot easier when everyone can view the same information.

Work Together

Everyone can work together on the same forms with our real-time editing tools and automatic saving with built-in conflict resolution.

Effective Tasks Completions

Organize everything you need to keep track of individual and team tasks–and get them done faster.

Chat & Comment

Tag your comments to give context, quickly post activity logs against anything, and notify others by mentioning their name or current role.

Share Information

Share timely information with anyone at any time using secret web links, printable PDF downloads, and built-in email distribution.

Incident Management. There's an app for that.

Powerful apps give you control in the field with built-in notifications, and a simple user-interface, for smart phone and tablet.

D4H incident management mobile app screenshots

Flexible, adapt to anything.

Highly configurable system that allows on-the-fly adaptation during an incident.

Scale Up

Most incidents start small and scale up. Our platform is designed to adapt from the smallest to the largest incidents on the planet.

Customize On The Fly

Adapt to whatever you face, by easily designing and distributing new status boards and forms while the incident is ongoing.

Get There, Anywhere

Our cloud-hosted platform is accessible from any internet connected device, and can even be taken offline for travel down range.


Integrate your incident management data with our notification and mapping partners.

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D4H Incident management log image

Defend your big decisions.

Easily demonstrate you had all the information available to your organization at the time.

Audit Ready

We record a time-stamped audit of all decisions and actions undertaken. Your audit is easily accessible as a downloadable PDF file for when you need it.

Searchable Data Room

We automatically save and source all versions of every piece of information contributed, and make them searchable in a shared data room.

Single Download

At the end of your incident, automatically create an incident report or download a single file containing all your paperwork, photos, maps, and forms created as the situation was brought to resolution.


"D4H Incident Management has replaced our paper-based Incident Sheets and has improved our ability to collaborate 10 fold."

Benefits at all levels.

  •   Operational Level
    • Receive realtime updates from all connected users.
    • Send updates, photos, and media to other users.
    • Receive task assignments and update your progress.
    • Document your location on a map and update its status.
    • Contact command with mentions and notifications by role or name.
  •   Tactical Level
    • Annotate a map and build out a common operating picture.
    • Use role-based logic to assign tasks and monitor progress.
    • Edit forms in real-time and share updates to all connected users.
    • Project your information on real-time customizable status boards.
    • Overlay current aerial imagery from drones, helicopters, and light aircraft on your map.
  •   Strategic Level
    • Build and distribute new form templates on the fly.
    • Deploy pre-plans with pre-determined incident plays.
    • Custom build your own status boards and form templates.
    • Assign granular permissions and controls to ensure your information security.
    • Single-click export detailed audit trails and logs from your incidents.
    • Download all data, forms, images, and media at the resolution of your incident.
Secure Local Hosting

All data is high-compliance, protected, private, and encrypted to keep it fully secure.

Data ownership

Your data is owned and accessible only by you and it is always available when you need it.

Backed Up

We automatically upgrade your platform to the latest version of our software.

Manage incidents effectively.

  • Share a common operating picture.
  • Collaborate with everyone.
  • Adapt to any incident.
  • Defend your big decisions.
  • Be audit-ready
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