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The ultimate software for Hospital Emergency Preparedness.

All you need to manage incidents, personnel, and equipment. Our mission is to give real heroes extraordinary abilities.


Ensure well-managed equipment and personnel always ready to go.


Simplify incident management for a more effective response.


Gain insights from consistent incident reporting and analytics.

Why are we different?

  • Dedicated on-boarding team.
  • 24/7/365 availability.
  • Access anywhere, any device.
  • 99% customer satisfaction.
  • Fantastic support helpdesk.
  • Experienced trainers.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Refined over 10 years.

Secure Hosting

We offer a high-compliance security guarantee. All data is protected, private, and encrypted to keep it safe.

Other jurisdictions available.

Security First

Data is always encrypted, password protected, and only accessible to authorized users.

Privacy Compliance

Data remains owned by your organization. Our policy is to protect personal data.

Automatic Backups

Data is automatically mirrored across multiple availability zones with point-in-time recovery.


"D4H revolutionized how we conducted our business and provided a solid collaborative communication platform"


Spartanburg Regional HERT

Hospital Emergency Preparedness Case Studies

Learn how D4H is helping hospitals improve their preparedness

New York Presbyterian Hospital Case Study

D4H Preparedness Software Deployed By Largest Hospital In United States

The largest hospital in the United States has deployed D4H software to prepare itself for responses to contaminated patients, hazardous materials, bio-terrorism, radiation, and the medical response to chemical attacks in New York City.

Spartanburg Hospital D4H Case Study

D4H Rolled Out to Spartanburg Regional Hospital Emergency Response Team

D4H was rolled out to Spartanburg Regional HERT. Spartanburg Regional in South Carolina is the first hospital in the nation to develop a comprehensive HERT (Hospital Emergency Response Team).

Improve Healthcare Emergency Preparedness

D4H is more than just software, it's a playbook for success.

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