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We support hospitals, emergency departments, and HEMS, by providing them with exceptional emergency preparedness and management software that helps healthcare organizations professionalize their response teams to the highest standard.

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Healthcare Case Studies

Learn more on how D4H is supporting healthcare organizations

NewYork–Presbyterian D4H Case study image

D4H Preparedness Software Deployed By Largest Hospital In United States

The largest hospital in the United States has deployed D4H software to prepare itself for responses to contaminated patients, hazardous materials, bio-terrorism, radiation, and the medical response to chemical attacks in New York City.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance case study image

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Use D4H To Support Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

Yorkshire Air Ambulance selected and deployed the D4H Readiness & Response software suite to assist their operations.

Toll helicopters D4H case study image

D4H Technologies help Toll deliver mission-critical helicopter services

Toll Helicopters have announced they are proud to have partnered with D4H Technologies, gearing up to provide helicopter rescue services for New South Wales in Australia from 2017 onward.alia from 2017 onward.

Spartanburg Regional HERT-D4H case study image

Spartanburg Regional HERT - A solid collaborative communication platform.

D4H was rolled out to Spartanburg Regional HERT. Spartanburg Regional in South Carolina is the first hospital in the nation to develop a comprehensive HERT (Hospital Emergency Response Team).