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The ultimate software for Hazmat teams.

All you need to manage incidents, personnel, and equipment. Our mission is to give real heroes extraordinary abilities.


Ensure well-managed equipment and personnel always ready to go.


Simplify incident management for a more effective response.


Gain insights from consistent incident reporting and analytics.

Why are we different?

  • Dedicated on-boarding team.
  • 24/7/365 availability.
  • Access anywhere, any device.
  • 99% customer satisfaction.
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  • Experienced trainers.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Refined over 10 years.

Secure Hosting

We offer a high-compliance security guarantee. All data is protected, private, and encrypted to keep it safe.

Other jurisdictions available.

Security First

Data is always encrypted, password protected, and only accessible to authorized users.

Privacy Compliance

Data remains owned by your organization. Our policy is to protect personal data.

Automatic Backups

Data is automatically mirrored across multiple availability zones with point-in-time recovery.


"D4H is the most valuable tool my Hazmat team utilizes. The program answers every imaginable question you might have about your department."


Captain Michael J. Magda, Hazardous Materials Specialist, Western Wayne County HMRT

Hazmat Case Studies

Learn how D4H is helping other Hazmat Teams

Western Wayne County

How Western Wayne County Tracks Their Most Valuable Assets

Western Wayne County Hazardous Materials Response Team have demanding administrative needs with valuable equipment, important personnel qualifications and challenging incidents to manage and track.

D4H Montgomery County HazMat Team

How Montgomery County HazMat Team Has Transformed Their Response Capabilities

This is how a Pennsylvanian HazMat response team is using D4H Readiness and Response software to increase efficiencies within their organization.

Glendale HazMat Truck D4H

Glendale HazMat Improves Their Efficiency by Embracing New Technology

This is how the City of Glendale HazMat team is using a D4H to improve the sustainability and accountability of their team.

SERT HazMat yellow suits

SERT-HazMat Goes Digital with D4H to Transform Record Keeping for Team Audit

The Southwest Emergency Response Team (SERT-HazMat) has put technology at the forefront with the implementation of D4H. Their aim was to funnel all their team record keeping and information into a single place; with an end goal to create a one-stop solution where team members can complete their work.

Massachusetts map HazMat

Massachusetts Regional Hazardous Materials Response Program puts technology at the forefront with D4H

Learn how Massachusetts Department of Fire Services’ Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Division uses D4H to protect hundreds of communities around the state.

Chester County Blue HazMat Suit

How Chester County HAZMAT Team is Ensuring that Their Team is Fully Mission Capable

Today’s Hazmat Teams are constantly looking for ways to respond more effectively. Chester County has focused on ensuring their team is always Fully Mission Capable (FMC). Their efficiency has been transformed through the proactive management tools that D4H offers.

Horry County Fire Rescue Using D4H Incident Management

D4H Incident Management Plays Key Role in Hurricane Dorian Response

Horry County Fire Rescue is no stranger to severe weather events such as hurricanes and tornados. After seeing the demonstrated value of D4H Incident Management while working with an incident management team in response to Hurricane Florence and the post-hurricane flooding event, the decision was made to move forward with acquiring and implementing it themselves.

Improve your hazmat response team effectiveness.

D4H is more than just software, it's a playbook for success.

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