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Critical emergency situations like severe weather, chemical spills, lost persons, and terrorist activity, requires an exceptionally high-level of information management that allows public safety organizations to always respond effectively.

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Case Studies

Learn more on how D4H is supporting other organizations

Knox EMA D4H

How Knoxville-Knox County EMA Operated Their EOC Remotely During COVID-19

In most cases, in-person meetings in a physical EOC are standard practice during an emergency. However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, Knoxville-Knox County Emergency Management Agency needed to create a virtual EOC environment to ensure the safety of their staff and partner agencies. Here's how they achieved this with D4H Incident Management.

Horry County Truck

D4H Incident Management Plays Key Role in Hurricane Dorian Response

Horry County Fire Rescue is no stranger to severe weather events such as hurricanes and tornados. After seeing the demonstrated value of D4H Incident Management while working with an incident management team in response to Hurricane Florence and the post-hurricane flooding event, the decision was made to move forward with acquiring and implementing it themselves.

Waimakariri District Council D4H

How Waimakariri District Council Embraced New Technology to Help Run Their Emergency Operations Center

Located in New Zealand, the Waimakariri District Council needs to be prepared and equipped for a variety of emergency situations. This is how they track their personnel qualifications and manage their incidents with D4H.

Western Wayne County Case Study

How Western Wayne County Tracks Their Most Valuable Assets

Western Wayne County Hazardous Materials Response Team have demanding administrative needs with valuable equipment, important personnel qualifications and challenging incidents to manage and track.

Northeast Massachusetts Technical Rescue Team

How Northeast Massachusetts Technical Rescue Team Have Reduced Their Administrative Burden

This is how a Technical Rescue Team in Massachusetts are using D4H Readiness and Response software to efficiently coordinate every aspect of their team.

Rhode Island Bomb Squad

Rhode Island Bomb Squad Improves Readiness

Rhode Island Bomb Squad has recently deployed D4H to manage their mission-critical cache of tools. D4H system helps them ensure their complex equipment is in a permanent state of preparedness.

Montgomery County HazMat Team

How Montgomery County HazMat Team Has Transformed Their Response Capabilities

This is how a Pennsylvanian HazMat response team is using D4H Readiness and Response software to increase efficiencies within their organization.

Case Study Vancouver Can TF1 image

How Vancouver CAN-TF1 (HUSAR) boosts their readiness with D4H

Can-TF1 have decided to deploy D4H Readiness & Response software to increase efficiencies in their organization.

Case study Boston marathon image

D4H Software Deployed at Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest marathon and one of the biggest in the USA. Learn how 'D4H Live Response' software was deployed in support of the Boston Marathon special operations teams, by taking a role in the execution of event safety.

Operation Score Case Study image

D4H Software Deployed to Statewide US&R Mobilization Exercise

Operation SCORE is a full-scale mobilization exercise (MOBEX), which is the third in a series of five challenges to assess the State of Massachusetts Technical Rescue capability and measure interagency cooperation between State US&R Assets, the Massachusetts National Guard CBRN Teams and the Department of Fire Services Hazmat Teams.

BCSARA Case Study image

2500 BCSARA Responders to Benefit as D4H is Deployed as Provincial Wide Data Management System

Recently the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) announced the completion of their selection process for the supply of a Data Management System for Search and Rescue by announcing that D4H Technologies was the successful bidder.

Waldo case study image

Waldo County EMA puts technology at the forefront with D4H

D4H is helping Waldo County (USA) EMA organization on being prepared and respond more effectively to natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters.

Selwyn case study image

Selwyn District EOC Is Using D4H To Overcome Natural Disasters

In the last few years, Selwyn district has faced some significant challenges. To support their duties, they have decided to deploy D4H Readiness & Response software to increase efficiencies in their operations.

Massassuchets case study image

Massachusetts Regional Hazardous Materials Response Program puts technology at the forefront with D4H

Learn how Massachusetts Department of Fire Services’ (DFS) [Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Division is deploying D4H readiness and response software to protect hundreds of communities around the state.

Solent sea rescue case study image

How Solent Sea Rescue Uses D4H To Control Their Resources And Capabilities

United Kingdom-based, Solent Sea Rescue Organisation (SSRO) is using D4H to understand their resources, capabilities, personnel, and equipment available within their organization.

Michigan USAR

Michigan Urban Search and Rescue Task Force (MI-TF1) - Maintaining Readiness with D4H

The world of search and rescue has changed dramatically. As population growth has accelerated and cities have expanded, the focus has increasingly turned to urban space, the most complicated and high-risk environment in which such operations are carried out.