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Smart equipment and consumable readiness software for easy inventory administration. Ensure all of your equipment is ready-to-respond with proactive inspections, repairs, expiry dates, and service history logs.

D4H devices equipment management

Your equipment, always ready.

It only takes three steps with D4H.

Know what you have

Digitize your inventory and easily access equipment records from any internet connected device. Browse your cache by category, kind, location, manufacturer, or model.

Know what you need

Answer all your equipment questions with instant reports and inventories. Track equipment use, loss, and retirement with the full benefit of our integrated cost recovery module.

Know if it's ready

Simplify your entire inventory down to a single green light of readiness. Automatic inspections and expiration alerts will proactively flag any items that need attention.

Get your inventory under control.

Move your focus from how much equipment you have, to how much equipment is actually ready-to-respond.

Digitize Your Inventory

Move from spreadsheets and homemade databases to a smart and efficient integrated solution.

Avoid Spreadsheets

No need for painful, unreliable, and inefficient spreadsheets and paperwork.

D4H Equipment management categories image
D4H Equipment management image

A simplified inventory

Reduce the complexity of equipment readiness down to a single green light. Browse your storage locations by equipment category, kind, model, and supplier.

Nested Equipment

Easily move equipment to another location, issue it to personnel, or nest it in other items such as containers, kits, and bags.

Barcode Scanning

Scan equipment to select it in the database and instantly access its records. Use your smartphone or tablet camera, or connect a Bluetooth scanner to your laptop.

Equipment Management. There’s an app for that.

Our Equipment Management smartphone app with built-in barcoding will allow you to access and manage your equipment records from the warehouse floor. You get unlimited app downloads for all personnel, enabling them to perform mobile inspections, repair logging, and status updates.

D4H equipment management app Screens

Alerts to get your attention.

D4H will automatically alert you on your dashboard and remind you by email if an inspection is overdue, repair has been assigned, or an item as expired.

Recurring Inspections

Create automatically recurring inspections for each kind of equipment and get alerted when due. Add inspections to create regular audits, maintenance, and check-ups.

Maintenance & Repairs

Create repair requests and assign them to individuals. Get notified once completed and lookup past repair records for all items.

D4H Equipment management inspections image
D4H Equipment management funding image

Save budget and secure grants.

Get powerful intelligence on the value of what you have and the cost of maintaining it. Use this information to plan and budget for upcoming purchases.

Funding Sources

Track which grant or funding source purchased a specific item of equipment. Easily run reports to list all related purchases.

Replacement Costs

Value items individually or total them to include their contents. See quantities and counts across each kind by team and location.


"D4H is intuitive as well as comprehensive. We track all of our several million dollars worth of inventory with it, as well as the maintenance and repairs to that equipment."

Rhode Island Bomb Squad

Benefits at all levels.

  •   Responder Level
    • Complete maintenance, repairs, and inspections from your smartphone.
    • Mark items unserviceable with a single click.
    • See what equipment is issued to you in D4H Personnel & Training.
    • Scan barcodes with your smartphone camera to see their records or locate it.
  •   Team Level
    • View a single dashboard prompting all jobs to be done on your equipment cache.
    • Browse all equipment by category and kind to find the location of any item.
    • Nest equipment in other equipment to replicate vehicles, shelves, bags, kits, and containers.
    • Barcode and uniquely reference your equipment for easy lookups.
    • See a master list of all outstanding repairs and maintenance across your entire team.
    • Know from a single green light, that all inspections have been carried out.
  •   Organization Level
    • Easily determine the location of specific resources within teams across your entire region.
    • Visualize equipment weight and value by team, location, and vehicle.
    • Set cost recovery values for usage and hours rates consistently across your organization.
    • Control the terminology used to define equipment across all teams in your organization.
Security First

Data is always encrypted, password protected, and only accessible to authorized users.

Privacy Compliance

Data remains owned by your organization. Our policy is to protect personal data.

Automatic Backups

Data is automatically mirrored across multiple availability zones with point-in-time recovery.

Make equipment management easy.

  • Inventory your equipment cache in a structured format.
  • Never miss an inspection on an item of equipment.
  • Ensure no expired equipment is in use.
  • Gain a valuation of your entire cache.
  • Easily generate reports and insights.
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