How Solent Sea Rescue Uses D4H To Control Their Resources And Capabilities


United Kingdom-based, Solent Sea Rescue Organisation (SSRO) is using D4H to understand their resources, capabilities, personnel, and equipment available within their organization.


The SSRO was set up by the Hampshire County Council in 1977 in partnership with maritime local authorities around The Solent as the umbrella organization supporting beach and sea rescue units on The Solent, the SSRO became a registered charity in 1979.

The Charity is established to preserve or assist in the preservation of life and prevention of injury at sea on the foreshore of the Solent and on the beaches of the counties of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.The SSRO brings together the eight independent Lifeboat and Rescue Organisations that cover the Solent and its approaches, The SSRO provides financial, training and administrative support to the units, who are all declared Facilities with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.


Solent Sea Rescue was looking for a solution to ease the centralized administrative burden of the organization as a whole and to help each of the independent lifeboat organizations manage their personnel, equipment, and incident reporting records. They wanted to connect multiple teams together to report upwards to a single organization, the SSRO. Create large datasets to understand their resources, capabilities, personnel, and equipment available within their organization.

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Solent Sea Rescue finally decided to deploy D4H Readiness & Response software suite to assist their organization.

D4H complete organization records system allows them to share and manage data across all SAR units in the entire region. Deep-dive down through teams into their incidents, membership, and training to compare. Full self-service reporting provides detailed statistics on all teams activities, with automated monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting. They’ve experienced a number of improvements in their organization;

Multiple Team Data: By connecting all teams together, SSRO can aggregate statistics into a common dashboard for better reporting and analysis. In order to make this possible SSRO is benefiting from aOrganization Account: this type of special account sits above the individual team accounts. Drawing information from each of these individual accounts. Allowing SSRO to accumulate the records they need to analyze and report on rescue team activity across the organization.

Common Reporting: SSRO ensures that all teams are using the same reporting forms, categories, and tags. Update forms in real-time across their association.

Information Access Levels: Control permission levels for the organization allowing central officers and management access, or provide access to every team leader.

No Paperwork Delays: Electronic reporting removes the delays created by paper-based reporting. Once a report is published, all organization statistics, charts, and maps are immediately updated.

Compare & Contrast: They can now put SAR teams side-by-side to compare and contrast their ability to pass an audit or receive grants for their logistics, incident command, response, and capabilities.

Determine Training Requirements: Understand the training needs through-out SSRO. Deciding what the training liability and costs look like, and what budgetary requirements are coming in the next year.

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Products used

D4H Personnel & Training: a highly proactive system to easily manage the administration of personnel, qualifications, training, attendance, and availability. It enables SSRO performance measurement and allows them to collaboratively engage personnel to reach the highest standard of professionalism.

D4H Equipment Management: a smart equipment and consumable readiness software for easy inventory administration. SSRO ensure all of their equipment is ready-to-respond with proactive inspections, repairs, expiry dates, and service history logs.

D4H Incident Reporting: powerful software that provides SSRO profound insights into their operations. Thanks to this, they can access game-changing data to re-evaluate their responses, make better decisions, save costs, and evidence the real value of the charity.

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