Massachusetts Regional Hazardous Materials Response Program puts technology at the forefront with D4H


Learn how Massachusetts Department of Fire Services’ (DFS) [Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Division is deploying D4H readiness and response software to protect hundreds of communities around the state.


Massachusetts Department of Fire Services’ (DFS) [Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Division has one of the most respected HazMat programs in the nation. It is an innovative response system designed to provide specialized personnel and equipment to the 351 communities of the Commonwealth, to enable protection to the public, the environment, and property during incidents involving a release or potential release of hazardous materials.


David DiGregorio, deputy director of the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Division cited that six regional response teams are strategically located for a maximum of 1-hour response anywhere in the Commonwealth. The Regional Teams also support local fire departments with technical information and specialized equipment. These multiple teams are now connected together to report upwards to the DFS and create large datasets to understand what resources, capabilities, personnel, and equipment are available and where they are located.


Today, we’re delighted to announce that the DFS have deployed D4H Technologies software solutions’ throughout their statewide HazMat system. The mission of the Department of Fire Services is, through coordinated training, education, prevention, investigation, and emergency response, to provide the citizens of Massachusetts with the ability to create safer communities; to assist and support the fire service community in the protection of life and property; to promote and enhance firefighter safety; and to provide a fire service leadership presence in the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security in order to direct policy and legislation on all fire related matters.

D4H™ is multi­-award-winning Response Team Management software which is designed especially for the preparation, management, analysis, and prevention of incidents. The software is available as a complete suite or can be broken down into independent modules D4H™ Personnel & Training, D4H™ Equipment Management, D4H™ Live Response, and D4H™ Incident Reporting & Analytics.

CEO of D4H Technologies, Robin Blandford added “Our complete organization records system, D4H software, gives DFS the power to share and manage readiness and response information across all regional hazardous materials response teams in Massachusetts. They can deep-dive down through team data into their incidents, membership, and training. Full self-service reporting provides detailed statistics on all teams activities, with automated monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting.”

About D4H

D4H Readiness & Response software is the complete but modular solution used by thousands of emergency response teams and corporations around the world to professionally manage their incidents, personnel, and equipment.

D4H supports over 70.000 responders and tracks over 15 million hours of response data every year from terrorist attacks to natural disasters, from maritime emergencies to chemical spills.

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