Case Studies

D4H case studies or examples of how D4H software solution is helping emergency response organizations improve efficiencies.


D4H Preparedness Software Deployed By Largest Hospital In United States

The largest hospital in the United States has deployed D4H software to prepare itself for responses to contaminated patients, hazardous materials,...


D4H Supporting Animal Disaster Management Operations

Animal Evac New Zealand Trust has deployed 'D4H readiness and response software' solution to improve efficiencies within their response organization.


How Vancouver CAN-TF1 (HUSAR) boosts their readiness with D4H

Can-TF1 have decided to deploy D4H Readiness & Response software to increase efficiencies in their organization. Vancouver Can-TF1 is a Heavy...


Selwyn District EOC Is Using D4H To Overcome Natural Disasters

In the last few years, Selwyn district has faced some significant challenges. To support their duties, they have decided to deploy D4H Readiness...


2500 BCSARA Responders to Benefit as D4H is Deployed as Provincial Wide Data Management System

Recently the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) announced the completion of their selection process for the supply of a Data...


Case Study: D4H Software Deployed to Statewide US&R Mobilization Exercise

Operation SCORE is a full-scale mobilization exercise (MOBEX), which is the third in a series of five challenges to assess the State of Massachusetts...


Spartanburg Regional HERT - A solid collaborative communication platform.

D4H was rolled out to Spartanburg Regional HERT. Spartanburg Regional in South Carolina is the first hospital in the nation to develop a...

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