April 2021 New Features Reviewed


This week, Robin and Mairéad presented the latest updates to D4H Personnel & Training, D4H Equipment Management, and D4H Incident Management on our live stream series. Here's a look back at the new features they discussed.

D4H Incident Management: Filter Incident Updates & Share by Email

You can now filter your incident update log by date range, personnel, keyword, or tag, and include links to any attachments. These filtered lists are also shareable by email or can be downloaded in PDF format. This new functionality might be particularly useful for an EOC or IMT to manually push out an email with all incident updates in a 24-hour cycle.

D4H Incident Management: Yellow & White Map Pins Added to Color Palette

You can now set yellow and white colors from our color palette when annotating the map in D4H Incident Management. These new colors are also available on your situation report and status boards. This feature had been requested by customers who require these colors for their specific status levels and reports.

D4H Personnel & Training: Improved Absent Hours Reporting

We’ve added two new columns to attendance reports in D4H Personnel & Training - a Total Absent Duration, and a % Duration Attended column for each member of personnel in the time range.

On the individual attendance report for a member, we now include activities they were absent for in the spreadsheet export along with the duration they were absent for. Previously this only showed attended activities in the spreadsheet.

Coming soon: RFID NFC Scanning of Members in the D4H Personnel App

You’ll soon be able to scan your personnel using RFID NFC tags and the D4H Personnel App. Holding your mobile device up to a member’s ID card, helmet, or any other NFC tagged item will pull up their member profile. From there you’ll be able to view their qualifications, groups, and schedule. Here’s a quick preview of this upcoming functionality.

D4H Equipment Management: Expiry Reports at Organization Level

Our Equipment Expiry Report is now available at Organization level too. We’ve also added the option to filter Expiry Date to ‘Any’ at both Team and Organization levels so you can export a report of all equipment, not just items expiring. All reports can be exported and downloaded as a spreadsheet.

RFID NFC Scanning is Now Available in the D4H Equipment App

We’ve added brand new RFID NFC scanning functionality to the D4H Equipment App. All you need to do is apply an NFC sticker to your item of equipment and hold your mobile device up to the item to pull it up in the D4H Equipment App. From there, you can update the item of equipment’s status, change its location, view its contents, view inspections due, or repairs needed.

A Discussion on Integrating D4H Incident Management & D4H Incident Reporting

We’ve started work on improving the automation between D4H Incident Management and D4H Incident Reporting. In this short video, we discuss what this improved integration will look like.

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