February 2021 New Features Reviewed


Robin and Mairéad recently presented the latest updates to D4H Personnel & Training, D4H Equipment Management, and D4H Incident Management on our live stream series. Here's a look back at the new features they discussed.

New Action Menu and Qualifications in the D4H Personnel & Training App

If you use our Equipment Management app you’ll already be familiar with the Quick Action Menu, we’ve brought this design to the Personnel App. It’s now quicker and easier to see all of the relevant information about a member from their profile. Qualifications are also a new addition to the Personnel App. Bringing qualifications to the mobile app makes it easier than ever to manage your team from the field and check information on the go.

Preview of RFID Tags for Members

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be bringing RFID functionality to D4H Personnel & Training. This will enable you to assign a QR code or RFID tag to a member, once you scan or tap the tag it will immediately pull up the member’s Action Menu. From there, you can see their qualifications, groups, schedule, and even confirm their attendance at a training activity. Check out the video below for an insight into what stage we’re at with developing this feature and how we’ll be expanding the functionality in the future.

Create a Report of Expiring Consumables

When checking what equipment is about to expire, you now have the option to download a spreadsheet of your data. This export includes the quantities and cost of each item, so you can plan ahead by budget period to see what needs replacing.

Export a Spreadsheet of Equipment Inspection Results

We’ve added the ability to export a Spreadsheet and PDF of your inspection results in D4H Equipment Management. This proves extremely valuable for demonstrating the work carried out by your team during a given time period.

New Control Room Functionality in D4H Incident Management

We’re delighted to announce the release of our new Control Room interface in D4H Incident Management. The new interface is designed for control room operators managing multiple high-level incidents. The platform will give an overview of all ongoing incidents and allow you to track information such as their individual location, their status, and situation report. The control room has its own updates log and audit trail, as will each control room incident. Any control room incident can be easily scaled up to a full-scale incident channel should the situation escalate.

Access the Resources Library Outside of an Incident Channel

You can now access your procedures and resources library outside of a channel in D4H Incident Management. This allows you to view your SOPs and documentation without the need to open up an incident channel straight away.

Biometric Authentication in the Incident Management App

Our Incident Management App on iOS and Android now has built-in Biometric Authentication. When you open the app your FaceID (facial recognition), or TouchID (fingerprint) can be used to verify it’s you using the app. This update improves the overall security of your incident information and we’ll be bringing it to all of our apps in 2021.

Show or Hide Sections of Incident Forms Based on Conditions

You can now show/hide sections of your forms in D4H Incident Management based on conditions. This allows you to track the exact information needed for a particular type of incident. Configuring your form to show or hide sections based on conditions automates the process and saves valuable time.

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