Announcing: Granular Permissions for Incident Management


We've added a whole new set of permissions to D4H Incident Management. These permissions give you the granularity to block users from accessing particular modules and channels within your system.

Nothing will change for your existing users, but you’re welcome to move them on to one of the new roles if you’d like. For new users you invite will have the option to invite them as Member, Member+, Editor, and Owner - or build your own custom role.

Account Owner - Full usage rights with administrative access to all settings including user accounts and template configuration.

Editor - Can start / shutdown channels, access any channel, configure plays, and configure import collections.

Member+ - Can start / shutdown channels and access any channel.

Member - Can only access channels to which they are invited.

Custom roles give you full granular permissions - you can now permission members by the module. Don’t want them to see a certain status board, or other feature, no problem.

One of the main benefits of this new permissions system is the ability to disable “Access Any Channel”. This will prevent personnel from accessing or even seeing any channels they’ve not been invited into. This is massive for those of you who want to invite mutual aid or clients into your platform and give them a restricted experience.

Channel screen

Other Changes

– New Channels Map - we now show a front page with a map of all incidents ongoing. You will also only see open channels. Press ‘+ Start New’ to start a new channel.

– To save signing in and out to force a refresh, there’s now an option within the menu to re-sync your client with the central servers m annually.

– Personnel Groups to manage your personnel within groups within the admin area to organize external personnel access within your system.

– D4H ‘Live’ is now known as ‘Incident Management’ and this is reflected in all page titles, PDF headers, transactional emails etc.

– ‘Info-Managers’ are now called ‘Status Boards’.

– There is now a button to make the map fullscreen for your large screen or projector.

– It’s now possible to use form fields in relationships.

– A new ‘Delete all’ button in Tasks and Status Boards to clear the entire board easily.

– ‘Log’ is now the default tab in the Updates module.

– Collection data has been converted to be online only. Not only does this secure the collection data in a much more sophisticated way, it also means that you can restrict who has access to it.

– Many many bug fixes and small improvements

How do I get the new version?

The new version will automatically start to download in the background as soon as you open the software. When the download has finished you will be prompted to refresh the page to install the new update. If you don’t receive any prompt within 10 minutes, please refresh the page manually.

You can check that you have successfully installed the update by clicking on the green button at the top-right corner of the page and then by clicking on ‘System Information’. In the dialog that appears, the values under ‘Client version’ and ‘Server version’ will match if you have the latest version of the Client software.

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