Announcing: v9.4.0 Mileage, Meals, and Custom Paperwork


This month, we've over 2,500 emergency response personnel adopting D4H in British Columbia, Canada. As part of this, we've had a team undertake a rewrite of the Costings module to make it more flexible. We've also added custom paperwork, which allows the generation of any paperwork form or layout from our software. This update enhances D4H Incident Reporting and D4H Personnel & Training.

We’ve delivered a heap of functionality to the Costings module. The Costings module is designed to help you determine a cost for, or later recover or document costs from activities. You can itemize out the cost of equipment, supplies, vehicles, personnel, and other ancillary costs. If you’re not using it, you can turn it on in Account Owner: Settings > Costings.

Personnel Get Mileage On Activities

It’s now possible to add mileage to a person’s attendance. Set the default mileage rate for your personnel in Account Owner: Settings > Costings > Personnel [Default Mileage]. This amount will be added to their total costing and summed up for all personnel on to the entire cost of the incident.


Track & Reimburse Meals Allowances and Costs

Personnel can have a meal allowance recorded for each attendance period so you can track or report on the cost of meals for your personnel. Fuel them up! This total will be added to the total cost of the activity. Turn on or off Meals in Account Owner: Settings > Costings > Personnel [Meals]


Custom Paperwork Templates and Forms

We already support automated paperwork submissions, but sometimes you can’t beat paper. This update allows your account to produce highly customized (no really, anything!) branded forms for printing or saving for external agencies, governments, and stakeholders. Simply send us the form you need to automate (once-off costs apply), and we’ll add it as an automated print-out with download button to every activity. Generate paperwork as automated and easily as these Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) Public Safety Lifeline Volunteers forms pictured below.

CustomPaperwork CustomPaperworkExample

Detect Automatic Refresh Of Attendance Costings

Things change, and costings are a dynamic process. The personnel you scheduled might be different on the day. We’ve added a detection script to identify where your costings are different to your declared attendance. If a member changed role, didn’t attend, swapped dates, or move to unconfirmed - we’ll flag a refresh of costs is needed. Click the button to automate the refresh of rates.


Vehicles Can Now Be Billed Per Hour

Previously, if you set an equipment kind as ‘Vehicle’ we’d only track mileage along with a cost per mile or kilometer. We’ve now separated this out and have enabled you to track both a cost per hour and a cost per mile/km on each vehicle. This is off by default. To enable, go to Account Owner: Settings > Costings > Vehicles [Cost Per Hour].

EquipmentHourlyRates highlighted

Configure Costings

Everything discussed above, along with default rates can be switched on, off, or configured at Account Owner: Settings > Costings. We’ve added granular controls to this area.

Release Notes

v9.4.0 - Enhanced Expense Reports

New Features

  • 1:1 relationship between attendances and costings. Each attendance period gets its own attendance row.
  • Attendance role title is carried on to costings.
  • Costing rows now have an attendance period date to reference the period they relate to.
  • Costing rows are now removed if the person becomes unconfirmed, absent, or is removed from the attendance.
  • Costing row references (date and role) are now updated if you update attendance.
  • Attendance records may now have mileage associated with their costings.
  • Attendance records may now have meals associated with their costings.
  • Added ability to customize costings module to determine the cost per hour, cost per use, or mileage rates apply.
  • Added a default mileage rate for personnel in Settings > Costings.


  • Moved default member cost per hour and cost per attendance into Settings > Costings.
  • Removed the deprecated bulk cost edit for kinds, now kind costings are edited in Settings > Categories & Kinds.
  • Costs are no longer set on Kind Add, instead, they are added after in Kind Edit.

Bug fixes

  • Cost types are now converted over to a new activity type (exercise->event, event->exercise) when you convert an activity type.
  • Improvements to how roles were saving on attendance.

v9.4.1 Bug Fixes

  • Database migration file was misnamed in 9.4.0 and is now renamed.
  • C$, NZ$, and A$ are now shown as just $ to users.
  • Teams without an organisations got an error when saving costings.

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