Announcing: D4H™ v9.1 Cape Beale Release


There is a lot in this release for teams using our organization tools, for regional systems of teams, associations, and national agencies. Organizations are getting member status analytics, custom member statuses, custom fields on teams, about this team, team capability tracking, and an organization control panel. While all teams and organizations are getting GPS/GPX tracklogs uploads, team mutual-aid availability statuses and retirement reasons - read on!

GPS Tracklog and Waypoint Support (GPX/KML)

We now visualize all your uploaded GPS export files on the activity map, so you can see all the tracks your members carrying GPS took, or where their vehicles drove. To overlay on a map, just upload the GPS export file (.GPX or .KML) as an attachment to the activity in Documents. We’ll automatically interpret it, and add it to the layers list where you can switch it on/off. To remove it, just delete the file from your documents. We’ll do this automatically for any past GPS files you’ve uploaded.

2017 10 11 at 19.53 2017 10 11 at 19.48

Mutual-Aid Team Availability Statuses

An availability status lets your team members know your current status as a team - Available, Limited Availability, or Unavailable. If you’ve either reduced operations due to personnel or equipment factors, or simply an extended operation such as a multi-day wildfire, search operation, or large scale terrorism event that impacts your resourcing, you can broadcast your availability as limited or unavailable for mutual-aid.

While this feature is available to single teams, only personnel with a sign-in to your team can see it, e.g. your members, administration, support staff, and auxiliaries. Organizations and teams can now configure availability statuses in [Settings] > [Team Statuses]. Its turned off by default in teams, so you need to go in and switch it on to use it.

2017 10 11 at 18.00 2017 10 11 at 18.06 2017 10 11 at 17.12

Retirement Reasons

This is particularly useful for where you’re managing a group of personnel who come together to for a special operations unit, or you use auxiliaries at your site, or you depend on professionally trained volunteers to respond. Experienced and trained personnel, no matter what, cost money - and its important to understand why they might retire from duty. You can now build-out retirement reasons in [Settings] > Modules [Members] > Retirement Reasons to customize your own. When you retire a member, we’ll now ask you for a reason along with their retirement date. Note that you cannot customize this at team-level if your team is connected to a parent organization.

2017 10 11 at 18.18 2017 10 11 at 18.19

Custom Member Statuses

While a few teams have had this feature for a long time, we’ve now enabled it for everybody without restriction. If operational and non-operational don’t cut it for you, add your different watches, crews, or membership types. Custom statuses can now be configured by owners on all teams and organizations in [Settings] > Modules [Members]. Note that you cannot customize this at team-level if your team is connected to a parent organization.

2017 10 11 at 18.27

Member Status Analytics

A new view within Organizations allows you to see lists of members, and analytics across all teams, by status. So now you can quickly reference all your operational members, everyone on Watch A, or just your support staff. Our built-in analytics views will give you real-time charts and gauges as to the average attendance & hours broken down by status. To access this within organizations, visit [Planning] > [Members] > [Members By Status].

2017 10 11 at 18.21

About This Team

Clicking your team name in the header will now bring your members to About page for your team. This is a read-only view for your team members and the organization to understand some basic properties about your team. This page really comes into its own once it has been customized by a parent organization who can add their own fields. Update the properties on this page in the [Settings] area as an account owner.

2017 10 11 at 18.43

Custom Fields On Teams

Organizations can now configure custom fields to display on a team’s profile in the organization and to its own members. Custom fields on a team could include anything from radio frequencies to emergency call out numbers. Organizations can get creative here, polling the data from each team to build up their map of teams each with a profile.

2017 10 11 at 18.38

Team Capability Tracking

This organization feature, team capabilities, allows an organization to list a number of different capabilities teams within it can do. For example, you might have a K9 Unit, an Incident Support Team, or Chemical Response Unit. Team owners can select the capabilities they wish their team to publish that they can undertake. Once in the organization you can filter and browse capabilities to understand what is lacking and surplus within your organization.

Organization Control Panel

This is a simple addition of all the units, currencies, weights, coordinate systems, and more to the [Settings] > [Main Settings] page within an organization. While teams have always had this self-service, we’ve done this for organizations - but now it’s time to hand you the controls.

2017 10 11 at 18.42

Connect Your Teams

If you’re a central agency, association, or system of teams and like the sound of multiple teams connected together to share information with the parent organization, contact us and we’ll explain how it works.

2017 10 11 at 18.46

Why ‘Cape Beale’ Release?

We’ve always named our software releases after different lighthouses because we work in one! Cape Beale Lightstation is an active manned lighthouse on Vancouver Island in British Columbia., Canada. This release was inspired by BC SAR Association, so we named it after their area.

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