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Announcing Mass Notifications, the latest feature for our real-time incident management software D4H Live Response.

Mass notifications allow users in D4H Live Response to send short messages to a large group of external individuals using SMS and Email. This feature is designed to contact external groups of people with SMS notifications and alerts during an incident or crisis, giving the ability to communicate with large groups that are not tracked in D4H and without the need of leaving the system. Examples of such messages are alerting all personnel about an incident. e.g. Send “An emergency has been declared, please evacuate all buildings.” to all of your staff. Or target messages to specific units or buildings.

This is different to internal notifications amongst users. These people are not tracked in your D4H products, they are external (e.g. surrounding community).

Powerful Providers means powerful solutions

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At the moment we only support World Text as provider but more powerful integrations will be added in the future.

By using an external notification provider, customers can avail of the powerful features and control that they offer. For example, World Text let you send messages and track them as part of the audit log within your incident. This is fully integrated with your incident management system, rather than being an external tool. You can log when and what you send.

Just note that the sending lists and address books are managed by the provider of the notification service, not by D4H. This means that if you want to edit the contacts and address book groups you have to login to the provider’s website and manage them there.

How does it work?

1. Enable Mass Notifications (disabled by default):

D4H™ LIVE   Administration   Home

2. Provide the provider authentication data:

D4H™ LIVE   Administration   Home (1)

3. Define notification templates (optional) in the admin area:

D4H™ LIVE   Administration   Home (2)

4. Congrats you are now ready to send a notification to a group. Simply go the the notifications module, click ‘Send Notification’ and fill in the form:

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Mass notifications is only one of the many features D4H Live Response can help you with to respond smarter and safer. If you want to learn more about it or see how D4H can help your response team, do not hesitate to contact us.

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