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Share by public link, the latest feature for our real-time incident management software D4H Live Response.

Share by public link allows users to share any form in LIVE response with individuals without access credentials.

Every form in D4H Live Response now has a ‘Share By Public Link’ option in its menu (Beside ‘Share by email’). Choosing this options creates a shareable link which is publicly available without credentials for D4H Live Response. The content/form on the public link will stay in sync with the form as it is edited. E.g. you might have a form in Live Response for public information on the current incident which you want to share. Or you might want to share something with your management or another agency.

A useful feature for people who want to share information from Live Response in with an external audience without giving them credentials. No Copy & pasting information. No need for another way to host the information. No out of date information. It is in sync with the single source of truth.

Share by public link feature can be also combined with the mass notification feature so you can share ICS forms and situation reports effortlessly.

How does it work?

1- Go to any form (including the Situation form), click on the “more options” menu and select “Share by public link”

11 07 2016   Hazmat    D4H    D4H™ LIVE (1) 11 07 2016   Hazmat    D4H    D4H™ LIVE (3)

2. On the dialog that appears click on the button “Send notification”

11 07 2016   Hazmat    D4H    D4H™ LIVE and Compose Mail   mario casciaro d4h org   D4H Technologies Mail and Developer Tools   https   d4h live 11 07 2016   Hazmat    D4H    D4H™ LIVE (2)

3. Fill out the notification text, select the recipients and click “Send”

11 07 2016   Hazmat    D4H    D4H™ LIVE

Share by public link is only one of the many features D4H Live Response can help you with to respond smarter and safer. If you want to learn more about it or see how D4H can help your response team, do not hesitate to contact us.

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