D4H™ v9.0 Spurn Point Release


This is one is massive, we've upgraded roles significantly, with even more to come. Try out the new on-call planner by assigning yourself a role and marking yourself on-call. You can also try out the new map layers, selecting your favorite and setting it as your team default. Enjoy this one - we enjoyed building it

We’ve Added On-Call Roles

This is one of the biggest shifts in this release. You can now mark yourself (or others if you’re an editor) on-call in a specific role. For example, you might be the Pilot on-call today, and be Co-Pilot tomorrow. Use it to designate roles and responsibilities, and who is in-charge. Remember, not everybody needs a role.

If a person is on-call in a role, and an activity occurs, we’ll pre-select that role for them when you mark them as having attended the activity. So, you don’t have to pick Lieutenant every-time you add an incident during your shift. So simple.

New Fast Bulk On-Call / Off-Call Editor

We’ve built an entirely new on-call / off-call editor for both managing multiple On-Call periods (editor level) and your own (member level). Now if you pick the period as ‘On-Call’ you can select a role to associate with it. Select members from the dropdown to add them, press the clear symbol to remove them.

Set Default Member Roles

By going to [Planning] > [Members] > Select Member > [Update Details] you’ll be able to set a default Role for this member of personnel. If they are off-call by default, every-time you mark them on-call, we will auto-suggest this role.

If they are on-call by default, we’ll default them to alway be in this role unless you over-ride it with another on-call period or mark them off-call.

As a quick discussion on how Role and Position work, your position is more your rank, while your Roles

Bundle Your Roles Up

We’ve added bundles to roles so you can group them up into collapsible, easy to access rows that can be expanded or collapsed.

Brand New Maps

We’ve completely rebuilt the entire mapping platform, and upgraded it to the absolute best available. They’re faster, smarter, and better looking. Pictured here is the new incident view. If you have the Hazmat Add-On or Lost Person Behavior Add-On, we includes all your find locations, IPP’s, waypoints, air monitoring, and samples on the same common incident map now.

Brand New Maps

Street Addresses (Geocoding / Reverse Geocoing)

We’ve massively upgraded street addressing for you. Press the find icon on a map when dropping a pin, and we’ll lookup the correct address for you. Worth noting, the closer you zoom, the narrower and more specific the results get. Can’t find something? Zoom out a little bit.

We’ll also automatically look up the address every-time you drag and drop the pin. Even better than that, you don’t even have to drag & drop anymore, just click anywhere to move the pin to that location and we’ll figure out the street address.

If you want to edit the location to make it more precise, click the address (it’ll go yellow on hover), make your edits, then press ‘Go To Address’. If the custom address you enter is something geographical or private (e.g. River Humber or Floor 2, Lab 6) then press ‘Use Address’ and we’ll override the lookup with your manual entry.

Go Fullscreen Mapping

Explore your maps in fullscreen, just hit this little button. Once done, press ‘Escape’ to exit fullscreen.

Map Home Button

We’ve added a ‘Home’ button on maps

New Activity Hazmat Editor

We’re trialling a new editor interface on Hazmat which we intent to gather feedback on and eventually roll it out across Resources, and Persons Involved. This new editor removes the accordions which had become too much and are no longer fit for purpose.

What we like about this solution is you can quickly select any entity for editing, duplicate it, or remove it to trash. We’d love your feedback.

So Many New Map Layers!

We’ve added so many new great map layers which you can use to visualize your data on. Press the layer selector button on the top right to select different layers.

Esri Topographic

Esri Imagery

Esri Hybrid

Esri Streets

Esri Dark Gray

Esri Gray

Esri Oceans



Esri USA Topo

Why ‘Spurn Point’ Release?

We’ve always named our software releases after different lighthouses because we work in one! Spurn is a narrow sand spit on the tip of the coast of the East Riding of Yorkshire, England that reaches into the North Sea and forms the north bank of the mouth of the Humber estuary. This release was inspired by the needs of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, so we named if after a lighthouse near them.

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