How To Get The Response Tools Your Organization Needs


One of the keys to successful operations is getting others to understand the importance of your function and duties and convincing them to open their wallets to help you fully fund your endeavors. However, if you've ever been in this position before, you know that it isn't an easy thing to do.

The image above is from Wexford Marine Watch, who have published this screenshot from their Incident Reporting software to show the locations of clusters of potential suicide interventions they’ve have on a bridge in their response area. This helps them to determine exactly what resources, equipment, and funding is needed.

Why it’s hard for your supporters to support you

Even though you know that you serve a very important role, those around you don’t necessarily understand how your work impacts them directly. They view you as nothing more than a business entity and find it difficult to make the connection between you and them. Therefore, they aren’t willing to open their pocketbooks in an effort to fund your cause.

Also, we live in a day and age where budget is tight for most. People, individual businesses, and governmental entities are holding on to every dime they have and are looking for every reason to tell you “no” versus trying to figure out why they should tell you “Yes”.

How do you get them to give you a “yes”?

In order to get your financial backers to see your job related functions as imperative to their personal happiness and well-being, you have to be able to make the connection for them. You’ve got to get them to realize that what you do (or can’t do because you lack the proper funding or equipment) has real consequences for them.

One of the key ways to do this is via providing facts and visualizations that support your position for requiring more cash, equipment, or training, thereby providing them more security. Security they may not have realized they needed until you informed them otherwise.

What type of information can help you increase the odds that you will be provided funding?

To get your point across fully, you need to educate as to why your services are valuable to them. That is why we created easy-to-use software that gives you this type of information both quickly and easily.

You will have access to budget increasing information such as:

  • How many people are on call and available to respond to an incident at any given time in the event of an emergency situation, to help you pinpoint how more personnel are needed;
  • The specific areas of training that need to be addressed to give you a team of responders who are capable of preventing a potential major disaster;
  • The ability to easily identify “hot spot” or high risk areas that need more protection and thus a higher level of service (as well as the times of day that are more susceptible) so you can quantify your needs for more equipment or a higher level of financial backing;

Being able to provide actual and fact based evidence may be the difference between being handed enough money to efficiently run your business and finding yourself unable to perform even the minimal duties you’re assigned.

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