D4H™ DECISIONS v8.7 Sullivan's Island Release


We've packed a huge amount into this release under the hood. Think of it as an engine upgrade rather than new buttons on your dashboard. Underneath we've been swapping parts out for their latest versions, improving performance, security, and experience. We've also added in further functionality for power users within organizations who want to make administration easier for the teams beneath them.

Create Organization Level Groups

It’s now possible for an organization to create groups. Group will automatically appear within every team within the organization. This allows organizations to compare numbers of personnel within a group across teams. It also makes it easier for teams to be provided reporting structures they need from their parent organization. To use this feature, sign-in to your parent organization and go to Planning > Groups to create a new Group for all sub-teams. If you are unable to see this menu option, contact your account manager to have the permission level added to your Organization Officers.

Set Organization Qualification Expectations

Set the expectations of your sub-team personnel’s qualifications based on their organization grouping. What’s that mean? It means that an organization such as a State, Region, or Association can set a requirement for all personnel within a group e.g. all ‘Dive Units’ to be qualified in a certain discipline. This helps you determine training needs, yet still allows teams to select their Dive Unit loally if they match the training requirements.

Default Qualification Expiry at Organization

The default expiry period of a qualification can now be set at organization level and inherited by all the sub-teams within the organization. This means that the values are already set when teams begin to award qualifications to their personnel rather than set all the values within each team.

Bulk Upload Organizations Resources

It’s now possible to upload a .csv file of resource into an organization. This saves the manual input of all police depts, fire depts, hospitals, and ambulance providers within a State. These imported resources are automatically add to all sub-teams of the organization.

Smaller QR Code Scanning

We’ve tweaked the qr-code scanning libraries within our iOS Equipment Management app to allow it to scan smaller QR Code stickers on your equipment.

Performance Improvements

We’ve been working throught massive amounts of perfonrmance improvements on Equipment Saving, User Logs, Activity Weather Forecasts, and Faster Indexing of Equipment. We’ve also been working our way through 1000’s of reported errors to ensure seamless delivery of service to all users on all platforms.

User Interface Adjustment

We’ve working through a replacement of raster icons for vector symbols throughout the application along with many other interface tweaks and fixes in multiple browsers. A number of email templates had their templates updated also.

API Additions

A wide distribution of functionality was added to the Application Programming Interface. If you ever considered integarating D4H™ DECISIONS with another piece of software you use, or building your own apps ontop of our platform - now has never been a better team. Review API Documentation.


We’ve added crowd sourced translation tool to allow all users of our software to contribute to their local languages and dialects within D4H™ DECISIONS. If you would like to become a translator for your native language, just drop us an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you access. Our own native french speaker in our crew, Thierry, also translated the Equipment Management module into Canadian French for you this month.

Why ‘Sullivan’s Island’ Release?

We’ve always named our software releases after different lighthouses because we work in one! The Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse, also commonly known as “Charleston Light” holds a unique title in Carolina Lighthouse lore as one of the most modern lighthouses in the country. Lots of functionality in this release was inspired by a number of users in South Carolina.

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