Michigan Urban Search and Rescue Task Force (MI-TF1) - Maintaining Readiness with D4H


The world of search and rescue has changed dramatically. As population growth has accelerated and cities have expanded, the focus has increasingly turned to urban space, the most complicated and high-risk environment in which such operations are carried out. Urban search and rescue (US&R) present a unique challenge, demanding both a highly specialized, yet multidisciplinary approach.


Michigan Urban Search and Rescue Task Force (MI-TF1), comprised of 155 people, is specially trained and equipped for large or complex Urban Search and Rescue operations. The multi-disciplinary organization provides five functional elements that include Supervision, Search, Rescue, Medical, and Logistics. The Regional USAR Task Force is designed to work 12-hour operational periods and is totally self-sufficient for the first 72 hours. Transportation and logistical support is provided by the task force and may need to be supported by the requesting agency.


Michigan’s US&R incidents can be caused by a variety of events such as a tornado or terrorist incident that cause widespread damage to a variety of structures and entrap hundreds of people. Other examples of events can range from mass transportation accidents with multiple victims to single site events such as a trench cave-in or confined space rescue involving only one or two victims. MI-TF1 operations are unique in that specialized training and equipment are required to mitigate their incidents in the safest and most efficient manner possible.


D4H is multi­-award-winning Response Team Management software which is designed especially for the preparation, management, analysis, and prevention of incidents. The software is available as a complete suite or can be broken down into independent modules D4H Personnel & Training, D4H Equipment Management, D4H Live Response and D4H Incident Reporting & Analytics.

“Urban Search & Rescue missions can be rare, but we must remain ready. MI-TF1 aims to maintain a fully capable mission status - we work hard on ensuring that we maintain logistic and personnel readiness. D4H helps ease the administrative challenges of maintaining our fully capable status. D4H has everything our task force needs in a single software package to administer our equipment, personnel, qualifications, and incidents.” Will Walker, Mi-TF1 Records Management Administrator and Rescue Specialist.

With D4H Technologies, MI-TF1 have been able to engage their personnel with a single tool where information is automatically gathered; based on the D4H solutions for Equipment Management, Personnel & Training, and Incident Reporting.

Using D4H Equipment Management helps ensure an equipment cache will always be ready to go. A team should never miss an inspection, repair, or expiry date again. You can easily manage a cache of cutting equipment, ropes, shoring materials, and confined space access gear. Designed specifically to manage USAR equipment, D4H summarize your entire cache down to a single green traffic light as ready-to-go.

The D4H Personnel & Training solution delivers a complete US&R Technician, Team Leaders, and K9 training schedule, ensuring you cover all aspects of the curriculum on a regular basis. Ensure that you’re spending your US&R training budget on the team members who deploy the most and that your best personnel receive regular refreshers while getting the suitable experience in the field.

D4H Incident Reporting helps create your own reporting system with accurate US&R deployment data. Be able to ask any question of your task force, and determine the answer with a single click. Prove the value of your specialism with accurate reporting on your shoring, collapses, trenches, and confined space rescues.

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