Step by Step: How to Track Funding Sources


Providing teams with the right tools is critically important. For this reason, millions of dollars are distributed through grants to teams tasked with protecting their communities. This funding is made available to enable teams to purchase new equipment, as well modernizing their current equipment cache. This allows teams to concentrate on protecting their communities. However, with such a large amount of money being made available, the onus is on teams to ensure this money is spent appropriately and can be accounted for when requested.

With D4H™ DECISIONS Equipment Management, you are provided with an integrated funding source module which tracks all the different funding sources plus the items linked to each source.

Linking a piece of Equipment to a Funding Source

To link an item of equipment to a funding source when editing or adding a piece of equipment, you simply select the source from a dropdown. If the funding source is yet to be created, you can press Create New and then choose the source from the dropdown.

Highlighting the Source of Funding

When all your items are given their appropriate funding source, the team has the ability to see what source an item was purchased from, as well the list of items purchased through a single source. The overview below shows all items purchased with the UASI 2016 grant, the total value of the items and their percentage against the total fund value.

Creating a Wishlist

There is also an option to include your wishlist items. This would be used where you have identified an item you wish to acquire through a particular grant but you haven’t gotten approval yet. You can create the item in D4H, link the item to the appropriate funding source and mark the item as “Wishlist”. This item will appear on the funding source list but will not appear in your equipment cache until marked as “Current”. This allows a team to track what items have been requested and how much of the fund is still available for use.

Product Overview:

D4H™ Decisions is multi­-award winning Response Team Management software which is designed especially for the preparation, management, analysis, and prevention of incidents. The software is available as a complete suite or can be broken down into independent modules D4H™ Personnel & Training, D4H™ Equipment Management, and D4H™ Incident Reporting & Analytics.

Company Bio

D4H is the #1 information management software for emergencies and incidents worldwide. Recording over 15 million response hours per year, D4H solutions are deployed in more than 16 countries. Everyday we drive efficiencies within clients’ in public safety teams and private sector.

Founded in 2008 by Robin Blandford, combining his background in the Coast Guard with an accomplished team of computer scientists and emergency managers; D4H has injected global visibility into tens of thousands of operations on every continent in the world. Driven by a talented executive team, D4H Technologies’ mission is to provide the “Right Information When Things Go Wrong”.

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