D4H™ + Waze: Always Be On Time For Training


York Rescue Boat show us how they connect their D4H™ DECISIONS response team calendar to the Waze traffic, routing, and GPS app to always arrive on-time. Connecting your Outlook/Google/Smartphone calendar to D4H allows individuals to reduce digital clutter and to ensure they are kept up-to-date on all team events.

With everyone now using smartphones, we’re already seeing the digitisation of many everyday tasks into one device. Tasks such as carrying a separate watch, keeping a paper calendar, carrying documents and many other everyday tasks are fast becoming things of the past with each activity handled by a smartphone app. With this reduction in physical clutter came an increase in digital clutter.

You may have a work calendar and family calendar on separate apps. As response personnel, you will also have your D4H™ DECISIONS calendar for incidents, training exercises, and other team events. DECISIONS currently allows users to synchronise their team calendar with their Google, Outlook or Smartphone Calendars. This is achieved by navigating to Planning -> Calendar and scrolling to the bottom of the page where you will see the option to turn on the iCal integration. If you require further assistance, have a read of this Knowledge Base article:


Traffic Alerts With Waze

Recently, Mark Mullen from York Rescue (why not give them a Like on Facebook?) demonstrated the use of smart applications to increase the functionality of his DECISIONS iCal calendar integration on his iPhone.

Crew at York Rescue have added their personal DECISIONS calendars as a subscription to their iOS calendars on their smartphones. From there they have enabled ‘calendar synchronisation’ in an application called Waze. Waze is a real-time community-based traffic and navigation app.

Now when each crew member is individually scheduled to attend a training exercise or event in DECISIONS (including pre-planned incidents) Waze picks up the address of the activity and automatically routes you there. Each crew member gets a notification on their smartphone alerting them to what time they needs to leave to get there on time. Waze takes into account traffic to give ‘Leave Early’ reminders and alerts you before you approach accidents, road hazards or traffic jams, all shared by other drivers in real-time.

This allows Mark and his team to plan ahead. An additional benefit of the Waze integration is that, provided he has his team listed as contacts in the application and he is able to see how far out the rest are from the event location as they share their locations.

York Rescue Boat

Configuring Waze

After you’ve got your DECISIONS iCal subscription configured in iOS, download Waze:

To ensure this integration works as expected. Be ensure the settings are correctly configured as below:

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