D4H™ DECISIONS v8.5.1 Trick or Treat!


Here's a surprise release just before Halloween, but it's all treats. It's treat or treat for everyone with some massive improvements for editors working on qualifications and groups. Dip in to see what we've got for you; all accounts globally have already been automatically upgraded.

Before you continue, did you read the full release notes for D4H™ DECISIONS v8.5 Chatham Light Release?

Ability To Group & Bundle Qualifications

You can now organize & group your qualifications into bundles. Bundles can be expanded and collapsed to help browse through large lists of qualifications. Any qualifications not in a bundle will be grouped under ‘Others’. To add a bundle, press [Update Details] on any qualification and free-text enter the bundle name; we’ll do our best to suggest previously used titles.

A Better Way To Bulk Qualify Personnel

When you qualify personnel, you can now set an individual awarded and expired date for each member. This makes bulk adding people with different dates very simple. We’ll automatically set the awarded date to today, and the expiry date to the end of the defined qualification period in months as defined in Qualifications -> View Qualification -> [Update Details].

To make things easier, the next person will default to the dates of the previous entry. You can also select [No Date] from the expiry calendar to set the qualification as never expiring, valid for a lifetime.

We’ve made the same update for K9’s and Handlers and have moved them to their own tabs to simplify the interface.

Award Qualifications By Member

We’ve added a qualification tab to the progress bar when you press [Update Details] on a member. This tab will provide you with the ability to update this members qualifications on a single page, rather than having to go into each individual qualification.

When you load the tab, we’ll show a list of all current qualifications. Select a new qualification to award from the dropdown and we’ll add it to their list. Alternatively you can select an existing qualification to re-qualify them in something that has or will expire.

Set individual award and expiry dates for each qualification for the member or click through to edit past history records for their entire qualification periods.

Pro-Tip: Remember, for fast entry - you can type into the title of any qualification into the drop-down and press ‘Return/Enter’ before immediately continuing to type the next title. Press [Finished] when done.

Manage Groups By Member

In the same way you can now manage qualifications of a person on a single tab, you can now manage their groups. Press [Update Details] on any member and move to the [Groups] tab. On this tab, you’ll see a list of their current groups, where you can press the clear icon beside it to remove their membership of that group. You can also add their membership to new groups by selecting them from the drop-down.

Pro-Tip: Click on the current step of the progress bar while updating the details of a member, saves that page, without leaving it so you can continue editing without the risk of losing data.

A Better Way To Bulk Add Group Members

Gone are the days of combing your way through a grid of checkboxes and names to create the group membership. We’ve added the same fast-find searchable drop-down to allow you select the members. Remember that you don’t need to do more than type the first few characters of the members name and press ‘Return/Enter’

Switch-Off Product Updates Dashboard Module

We’re not sure why you’d ever want do this (you would have missed this product update!), but you can now turn off the product updates module in Settings > Modules > Dashboard. In all seriousness, this is a useful feature for our enterprise clients who need to guide the user experience with more control. Select from “Visible to All”, “Editors Only”, or “Off” to give three options of flexibility.

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