D4H™ DECISIONS v8.5 Chatham Light Release


We're bringing you a bunch of stuff this October with a hefty update to the permissions system, allowing members to be optionally given more abilities. We've also put in huge work to the main account and sign-in screens so they match our other products.

New Account and Sign-In Screens

The first thing you’re going to notice is a complete re-design of our Sign-In and Account screens to match our updated company-wide branding introduced in D4H™ LIVE. This area is where you can switch team, see your memberships, update your password, and other account tools.

Easier To Switch Teams

We’ve added a ‘Switch’ button to the toolbar, which provides a more obvious method to switch between your multiple teams and organizations under the same username.

Members Can Draft Incident, Exercise, and Event Reports

You can now optionally allow a Member level permission to create draft activity reports. Previously only Member+ could have this functionality - the difference is that Members cannot see or access the private fields. Did you know that the D4H™ DECISIONS edition used by Organizations allows personnel to mark activity reports as ‘Ready for Approval’ sending an automatic email alert to account owners who will check it and mark it as published.

Manage Access has Usernames

Within ‘Access’ editors may now view the usernames of the personnel who have accepted an invite to access the account. These usernames were added to help account editors and above to help their personnel with sign-in issues where they could not remember their username. Worth noting, we also include the username in a forgotten password email request if you do :-)

Easy Password Reset For Editors

Right beside the new usernames, we’ve added a link for you to easily send a password reset to your members. This will generate an email to them with a link to click to reset their password (and includes a reminder of their username). You could always do this by signing-out and entering that users email into the reset box for them, but we’ve now made it easier.

Whiteboard UI & 90 Days

We’ve updated the Whiteboard adding, editing, listings pages to keep it consistent with our branding and layouts throughout the application. We’ve also increased the max number of days until a message auto-clears from 30 days (1 month) to 90 days (3 months).

Attendance Reports for Organizations

Organizations can now run the same attendance self-service report that teams were always able to. This report gives you access to the totals hours all the members in your organization have contributed over the set time period across all teams.

Members Can Now Have Basic Equipment Editing

Your Member permission level may now be optionally enabled to manage the basic changes to equipment. This includes creating repairs, completing inspections, and updating the operational status to unserviceable. Within the next weeks we’ll be bringing this functionality to the iOS and Android equipment app.

Rename & Merge Equipment Manufacturers

If you press ‘Update Details’ on a manufacturer of equipment, you’re now able to edit the name, and if we find a matching one already exists, we’ll merge all the items together. This is useful if you have mistakenly added a misspelt manufacturer and would like to bulk-update all the items to the correct spelling.

Printable PDF Of Equipment Repairs

We’ve added a PDF export of all repairs due to make them easy to print and hand around the workshop. The PDF will match the filter applied on screen.

Repair Emails Improved

Emails notifying you of new repairs assigned to you have been improved with more information, the name of the item requiring repair, and a slight UI update to make them more consistent.

Filtered Inventory Spreadsheet Exports

We’ve updated the inventory spreadsheets to give you an export of the current filter you are on. For example, clicking the spreadsheet icon will filter by the output by the current category, kind, location, parents contents, or specific issued member.

Why ‘Chatham Light’ Release?

We’ve always named our software releases after different lighthouses because we work in one! The Chatham Light known as Twin Lights prior to 1923, is a lighthouse in Chatham, Massachusetts USA, near the “elbow” of Cape Cod. It featured in the most daring rescue in the history of US Coast Guard; the rescue of the SS Pendleton in 1952 off the coast of Chatham.

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