D4H™ DECISIONS v8.4 Bell Rock Release


Next week, we'll be releasing v8.4 to the D4H™ DECISIONS production infrastructure around the world. This release is focused heavily on equipment management with lots of other performance improvements. Your account will be automatically upgraded over the next week, no action is required.

(Were you looking for D4H™ DECISIONS v8.5?)

See Inside Trucks, Bags, Compartments, and Bins For Unserviceable Items

If a truck, bag, compartment, or any other item is itself serviceable but contains unserviceable equipment, we’ll turn its green tick amber. This will let you see through a truck to know if even one item on it is not ready to go. The ticks will apply all the way up the chain helping you to cut-through items and get right to the heart of the trouble. Always be ready to go.

See inside containers and items

Equipment Notification Alerts By Location

We send you an email if your equipment is about to expire, or an inspection is due. If you’ve got multiple locations, warehouses, stations, or bases for your team’s equipment, you will have been receiving emails alerts & notifications about the whole cache. If you’re not based at that location, the information can be irrelevant to your logistical tasks. Editors may now choose which locations each members receives equipment alerts for.

Equipment alert emails

Automatically Unserviceable For Important Inspections

Some inspections are definetly more important than others. We’ve now enabled you to mark an inspection as “Automatically Unserviceable” which will automatically mark unserviceable all items due the inspection. This will ensure compliance against all inspection requirements.


Automatically Unserviceable Expiry Dates

Account owners may now configure their account to automatically mark all items that expire by date, number of uses, or by supply level as “Unserviceable”. This will happen automatically, notifying you that some action needs to be taken. Never think you’re ready, always be ready.

NRTG Equipment

Customize Your Search Results

If you use your team-wide search to specifically look for equipment, incidents, exercises, events, documents, or any other type of information, it’s now possible to filter your results. Account owners may select which entities they wish to exclude from results in Settings.

Search Results

Organization Level Attendance Role Management

All teams within the same organization will inherit all attendance roles created at the organization level above them. This is important to allow statistics organization-wide about the different incident commands system roles being under-taken by teams regionally.

Role Management

Better Browsing By Category & Kind

We’ve updated the user interface to standardize how we present your equipment to you. If you don’t notice the difference, we’ve done a great job. Nothing should feel out of place, expand/collapse for previewing should be cleaner, and our equipment status levels have been standardized.

Cateory Kind

Organizations Ability to Export All Members

Once within an organization that contains multiple teams, it’s now possible to export all organization members into a single spreadsheet. This report will give you all data fields about your entire organizations members - in some cases, in the tens of thousands of people.

Members Export

Equipment Inventory Grouped by Category

When you print a PDF of your equipment, we’ll now group the results by category within its location. This makes an inventory much easier to conduct, ensuring that all items of the same category are counted in sequence.

Print An Inventory Of Issued Equipment

Previously you were unable to print an inventory of equipment issued to an individual person. It’s now possible to download & print a PDF of each.


Performance Optimizations

Within equipment, Checklists and Supplies sections have been dramatically improved, loading at a fraction of their original times.


Bug Fixes & Support

We’ve made over 28 minor version releases to production since v8.3 last month. These releases includes helping with support requests, performance optimization, and minor improvements. We’ve improved our equipment import processes, multiple language setting encoding issues, and better cross-browser support.

Why ‘Bell Rock’ Release?

We’ve always named our software releases after different lighthouses (have you not seen our office in Ireland yet?). The Bell Rock Lighthouse, off the coast of Angus, Scotland, is the world’s oldest surviving sea-washed lighthouse. It was built between 1807 and 1810 by Robert Stevenson on the Bell Rock in the North Sea, 11 miles east of the Firth of Tay.

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