D4H™ DECISIONS v8.3 Choctaw Point Release


We’ve just released v8.3 to the D4H™ DECISIONS production infrastructure around the world. There’s a whole pile of new functionality in here with something for everyone. Your account has already been upgraded automatically, no action is required.

(Were you looking for D4H™ DECISIONS v8.5?)

Manage Your Resources Better

We’ve completely redesigned how you manage resources, making your notes more prominent, bringing your address book contacts to the top, and giving a user interface upgrade across the whole area. View past, scheduled, and currently ongoing activities for each resource.


Report On When You Use Resources

Press ‘Show All’ on the resource activities highlights to reveal a new extensive report on the usage of that resource to your incidents, exercises, and events. Drill down by tag to determine what type of incidents you use them on, how often you should train with them, and whether you should should have a more formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place.

Resource Reporting

Analyze Resource Response Times

Find out how long it takes your organization ‘To Alert’ each different resource, how long does it take for them ‘To Arrive’, and how long do they stay ‘On-Scene’. Filter by tag to see if response times are different for different activity types. Drill down into each activity report to better understand why a time was particularly long.

Response Times

Track Experience With Each Resource

For each of your members, track how many activities on incident, exercise, and at events with each of your resources. Know who has the most experience, face-time, and interaction with each of your resources. Press ‘Show All’ to jump from Top 10 to view your entire membership sorted by activity count.

Resource Members

Self-Service Resource Reporting

For every resource, run your own custom queries to build up a profile, answer questions, and see average response times.

Self Service

Equipment By Location

The entire Equipment Location section has been re-written to better reflect busy organizations with multiple locations. Equipment Locations now display as a list rather than the previous masonry grid. The list format allow for much faster loading, and far quicker scanning by eye for a location. We’ve also added Location Bundles so you can group bundles together. e.g. ‘Project Sites’, ‘Deployments’, ‘Warehouses’, ‘Stations’, etc. This will help you organize everything in a far neater interface.

Equipment Locations

Set & Forget Equipment Locations

For those based mainly at one particular station or warehouse, you can now set a default location to filter your equipment alerts and dashboards with. If you pick ‘Warehouse 1’, then every-time you load equipment, it will go to the same. You can update this in your profile settings under ‘Extras’. We’ve also added a memory function so it will remember your last location if you are browsing around - set and forget.

Default locations

Categorized Inventory Reports

Printed PDF inventories of your equipment are now grouped by Category within a location. This will help you go through your equipment in order rather than alphabetically. For ease, within each Category, they are still in alphabetical order.

Inventory Reports

Seconds Matter

If seconds matter, Account Owners can now switch on ‘Seconds’ which will allow for more accurate reporting on incident reports. Many industrial teams calculate their times down to seconds and want to know they’ve dispatched somebody within under 60 seconds. This is the power of connecting D4H™ DECISIONS to your CAD system.


New Time Picker

You can now type directly into a time field hours then minutes (and optionally seconds, see above!) without pressing right-arrow or tab. Rejoice!

Time picker

Better Bundles

Site-wide we’ve made adding bundles easier. Previously you had to remember how you spelled it, or copy and paste it, or risk creating duplicates. We’ll now auto-suggest bundles to you based on your previous usage. Here’s an example when an Owner is adding custom fields to Equipment.


Searchable Gear Models

Equipment is now indexed by it’s Manufacturer Model too, so you can search almost anything and get a result.


The full release notes for v8.3 are here if you’d like to read them.

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