Top SAR Hackathon Projects


Next week we’ll be highlighting the benefits of collecting data and adopting technology for search & rescue. Law enforcement, military, SAR volunteers, provincial/territorial, and federal attendees will pitch their data related problems, while Canadian and international developers will form teams to try and solve them within just 24 hours.

Next week we’re hosting the Search & Rescue (SAR) Hackathon for Public Safety Canada at SARscene. Hundreds of people will come together on Prince Edward Island this October for SARScene - Canada’s National Search and Rescue Conference.

These are the top ideas submitted at the moment, have you any you’d like to see built?

You can still submit your ideas or register to attend as a SAR Expert, Coder, or UI/Designer.

Recon Instruments Jet Glasses or Snow Goggles Live Operations Platform Feed

  • Ability to see realtime logs and collaboration from within D4H without taking your eye off the operation. Thumb32 Created 4 months ago by Robin Blandford 2

Emergency Response Geo-Chatroom Network

  • The telegram API has support for ‘Geochats’ - a public chat bound to a geographic location. It would be interesting to explore whether this could be used to create a network of chat rooms for ERT teams to chat with people from the local area durin… Gravatar Created 4 months ago by John Brett 0

Automatically produce an “Annual Report” video using charts and 3D rendering of landscapes

  • By importing date, position, and category of calls from a spreadsheet.

Use AIS (or other) data and automatically identify when a helicopter may have located a casualty.

  • i.e. circling overhead motion, or winch operations / hover at specific altitudes for a set length of time. + Decisions API / CSVs

  • is a great tool for taking data, graphing and visualising it. D4H Decisions is a great source of data for emergency management, incident reports, personnel, equipment. With the Decisions API.

Be able to pull Decisions Data into Google Drive

  • Like this Be able to update a members list in a single click

Real time positioning of remote UAVs

  • I’m the Author of TrueNorth geospatial. One of the features is the ability to access various position sharing APIs and track remote stations - the most easily demonstrable one being HAM radio APRS. I have commercial plug-ins to track Kenwood and I…

Simple Smart Phone Tracking App

  • A Smart Phone app running on Android and iPhone ideally using a common code base that periodically posts the GPS coordinates of the user - even when the phone is “sleeping”. using XMPP (jabber) or similar protocol as the transport layer…

Enhancements to service

  • I developed the service to assist SAR teams to locate missing people via their smart phones. Basically all it does is streamline the process of getting the position from the GPS. In our experience, lost people have been clueless as…

App to task resources, receive mission progress and record GPS location for case management at Command Post.

  • As an example; what I was thinking of was a smartphone or tablet app (perhaps even another means) where a team might receive a search tasking from the command post / Incident commander, then be able to track their search progress (GPS capability?) for ultimate transmittal back to the case management tool at the command post. It could also be used to record clues ( geo-located photo capability) and send them back to the command Post. Finally be able to provide an automated report at the end of the tasking back to the case management tool including times on task and off task with using accurate time-stamps. Visualize when arriving at your commence search point you just press the “button” on the app to say commencing search or something similar.

You can still submit your ideas or register to attend as a SAR Expert, Coder, or UI/Designer.

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