There are many ways to track qualifications, but only one way to guarantee they are qualified.


Manage all certifications and qualify members while keeping an audit trail of all previous courses. Proactive alerting will notify both your training officers and your members when a qualification they hold is about to expire. Set expectations for both requirements and preferred training for progression.

Enhanced Qualification Tracking

Qualifications Chart

We've just upgraded [D4H]™ Personnel & Training Qualifications Manager to split your personnel into groups based on their expectation to have a qualification.

  • Required & Qualified, Required & Expired, Required & Never Held
  • Preferred & Qualified, Preferred & Expired, Preferred & Never Held
  • No Expectation & Qualified, No Expectation & Expired

Use this ease-to-understand tool to gain complete control of your expensive external & internal training costs.

Preferred Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications

Today we're able to announce our new preferred qualifications functionality for Enterprise customers. Use the preferred status to signify somebody is preferred when the next available course comes up. This might be to signify the next level of training based on their group membership or current skill phase.

Group Expectations


Tracking expectation by group allows you to automatically identify those who should be qualified in a specific skill. For example, all Operational personnel may require Evacuation Training while just your Team Leaders require the Incident Command 100 course. When you promote personnel to Team Leader, the system will automatically check if they have the pre-requisite qualifications.

Individual Expectations

Member profile

View a profile for each of your personnel to see which qualifications they individually hold, are preferred to hold, and are expected to hold. Any qualifications that have expired, and are required, will be highlighted for easy recognition.

Print Qualification Cards

Print Report Card

Here's a great new piece of functionality for all customers - print a Qualifications Card; sign & rubber stamp it for offline use on-scene. Prove your abilities to mutual aid partners with the correct paper-work in place.

If you are new to [D4H]™ Personnel & Training, you can arrange a demo here.

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