4 Maritime Crewing Challenges for Response Operations


The issue of managing crew and ensuring availability of skilled manpower remains a challenge for the maritime sector to overcome. Companies involved in maritime emergency response operations such as salvage companies and oil spill response organizations (OSRO) need to know the availability of personnel for months at a time.

Maritime operations are technical undertakings that can last weeks, months or even years. For example , The Costa Concordia cruise liner, lay partially submerged off the Italian island of Giglio for more than two years.

Personnel are one of the most important factor in a large scale emergency response operation. When it comes to these major projects every crew member is critical. Using everyone's knowledge and specific skills will bring the operation effectively and safely to a successful conclusion. However, there are a number of challenges an organization can face;

Operational Planning

Managing people effectively in an operation is a skill that requires constant planning and development. Planning is the key management function of any extended operation. It is the process of determining in advance what should be accomplished, when, by whom, how, and at what cost. Regardless of whether it is planning long-term project priorities or planning a two-hour meeting, the planning aspect of an operation is a major contributor to it's success.


As cost of personnel has become one of the most significant factors in most operations, it seems clear that one of the main goals when scheduling or improving business processes is to minimize these costs. Therefore workforce scheduling has become increasingly important . Organizations need to build out schedules that present the right number of crew with the necessary qualification at the right time. This will dramatically increase the likelihood of projects achieving end goals.

Managing Training Needs

Organizations should have a comprehensive view of all the skills and behaviours needed to complete a project. This allows them to identify any skill gaps that are going to crop up in the future. This will lead to successful management of their training budget because they are proactively predicting skill gaps before they arise across the organization rather than waiting for them to arise.

Creating Management Reports

People are the most important resource for an organization. Management need an overview of activities around personnel numbers, skills, training and locations, in order to make informed decisions. If management have access to comprehensive information this ensures that decisions about the organization are made with full understanding about their impact on people, the culture, and the work environment.

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