Pipeline Emergency Response: Training is Essential!


Local emergency response organizations often are on the scene of a pipeline spill before any significant resources deployed by the pipeline operator arrive. These 1st responder organizations vary significantly in capabilities and depth of resources.

These activities have raised new questions over compliance and safety surrounding personnel training and qualifications. Failing to track who’s qualified and when a qualification will expire is major compliance and safety concern for these response teams and for pipeline operators. What are these concerns:

Ensuring that teams have valid qualifications

Response teams will have highly trained personnel. These organizations need to ensure everyone has valid qualifications for responding to a pipeline emergency, meets expectations, and hold the required training hours.

Compliance with set standards

Response personnel must be trained on critical aspects of response plans e.g. product transfers, air monitoring, containment options, incident command system. Its expected of them to produce team performance reports in a standardized format allowing for clear focus on training areas and monitoring of compliance.

Reporting to Governing or Regulatory Bodies

It's expected that there is open lines of communications to provide information up to a governing body or share across to an organization a teams contracted too. Governing bodies will expect comprehensive reports on training standards, qualifications obtained, exercising and incidents attended. This information should all be traceable and have a clear audit trail.

We're always interested in anything that aids responders in improving your capabilities. Being able to track your teams qualifications and experience is one of the reasons we created [D4H] Personnel and Training.

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