Utility Emergency Response: 4 Personnel Planning Essentials!


A public safety official is most often the first on the scene when utilities are damaged, whether in response to a downed power line due to a collision or a ruptured natural gas pipeline caused by excavation works. Utility providers should also have experienced resources, capabilities, and products to provide a total response when disasters or emergencies strike.

When property and business operations are impaired by natural disasters or emergency disruptions, the public need a responsive solutions provider with experienced personnel and technical resources. Utilities need to ensure they have a network of engineers, technicians and labor, who can deliver fast, efficient and comprehensive solutions to help return homes and businesses to full working order. Here are four Personnel Planning Essentials to aid in response:

  1. Knowing Manpower Needs

    Having comprehensive emergency preparedness plans, gives the ability to predict how your workforce, and subsequently your labor costs, will grow in an emergency. This can inform your expense budgets and strategic planning.

  2. Preparing to Cope With Change

    Emergencies, big or small, can be destructive and may be very stressful for personnel. Change can have a positive or a negative effect. Everybody responds to emergencies differently, but there are also common reactions. These include physical, emotional and mental reactions, which may occur during stressful moments throughout life. Through training and exercising for emergency scenarios, utilities can ensure a level of preparedness for their personnel that will aid them in coping with change.

  3. Development Of Skills

    Behind every successful response, workshops have been attended along with hours of training and exercising.The importance of skills development can’t be stressed enough.

  4. Ensuring Proper Utilization Of Personnel

    Utilization methods attempt to maximize the efficiency of a company's employees. This can be accomplished by a variety of methods, including training an employee in multiple areas so that they can switch from one role to another depending upon where they are most needed at a given time.

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