Announcing: Inspections Upgrade for [D4H]™ Equipment Manager


We've just done a large upgrade to Equipment Inspections for all accounts on the [D4H]™ Equipment Manager module of Decisions... New Inspection Workflow... Allows More Flexible Inspections... Automatic Inspections... New Notification System... Upload Inspection Certificates and Documents... View Inspection History.

This is a huge improvement on one of the most used features in the [D4H]™ Equipment Manager.

New Inspection Workflow

We've a brand new improved interface for viewing and marking inspections. It gives you better information with more relevant details, previous results, current location, inspection criteria, and the ability to quickly mark a single item as inspected. You don't have to wait for an entire batch to recur anymore - you can inspect items at any time.

Allows More Flexible Inspections

We've moved to a unique inspection dates per item rather than per kind. This will allow you to create for example an 'Annual Servicing' inspection that recurs every 12 months for everything of the kind 'Vehicle' in your asset management database. As you complete each inspection individually, we'll mark the next inspection for that unique item 12 months away.

Automatic Inspections

Once you set an inspection criteria for each item in your database, by kind, and location, we'll keep a monitor on everything that matches in real-time. As you move items into different locations, or apply different categorizations and kinds, we'll update all your inspection paperwork to reflect it.

New Notification System

Expensive items that need to be sent off-site may need 30 days notice, while your internal weekly checks may only need a days. You can now customize the notification period per inspection that acts as a reminder for when inspections are due.

Upload Inspection Certificates and Documents

If you pass an external assessment, snap a photo or scan a copy of your certificate and attach it to the inspection result for safe-keeping.

View Inspection History

We've now got a more detailed inspection history on a per item basis. See a full history of completed dates, comments, and documents uploaded.

Upcoming Inspections By Item

See a full list of equipment inspections by due date. This will allow you to get a very strong visualization of upcoming expenses, maintenance, workloads, and shift duties. Filter by location, building, and date.

Inactive Items

Marking an item of equipment as inactive will pause its inspections but still alert you if it expires. This is useful for stocking items in temporary storage where you're not interested if the item is operational and inspected at all times, but want to leave it in your asset tracking tool.

Legacy Inspections

Any legacy inspections from before the upgrade will still run as they already have been - you'll see no difference, but any new inspections will be of the new type. You can easily upgrade your existing inspections to the new type once you're happy with them.

If you're not yet using [D4H]™ Equipment Manager, contact sales for a discussion.

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