Mine Rescue Chambers: Equipment that Can't Fail!


In an underground mine, evacuation isn't always an option. It’s not always that simple. Miners often work hundreds of feet underground, which can make exiting the area in the event of a fire or emergency a complicated process.

Mining is one of the world's most dangerous occupations. Over the years, many serious accidents have occurred in various parts of the world, often with significant loss of life. It is without doubt that miners face many dangers on the job.

Refuge chambers are self-contained underground capsules made of reinforced steel that look very much like a large shipping container. Because refuge chambers are enclosed and air-tight, they provide miners with safe shelter from fires, some flooding and lethal gases.

Refuge chambers, emergency warning systems and mine rescue teams are a small but important part of the commitment to making sure that people return to their families and loved ones at the end of their shift just as healthy as they were when they arrived for work that day.

We're always interested in anything that helps in improving responder and personnel safety. Being able to track your emergency response equipment and maintenance is one of the reasons [D4H]™ Equipment Management was created.

Robert Charles

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