Looking Ahead to the New [D4H] API


We've mentioned in previous blog posts that we've been working on a new API for the [D4H] Decisions platform. We'll very soon be releasing a public beta for those interested in developing on it. We've listened to what potential developers want it to include, so we just want to give you a quick intro as to what you can expect from it.

Powered by Nodejs

We decided the best route for extending our old API was to rebuild it from scratch, with a focus on improving performance, documentation, and extensibility from the get-go. This opened up the possibility of using new technologies to achieve this, and after a lot of research and seeing the success other high profile companies have been having with NodeJS such as Walmart and Paypal we decided that would be the best route for us, and so far we've been impressed with the ease of development it's provided, as well as it's performance. After a large examination of the popular NodeJS server side frameworks, we chose HapiJS, and have really benefitted from it's stability and structure in building the new API to meet our needs.

Who This Should Interest

The [D4H] Decisions API provides a new and easy way to integrate with the Decisions platform. This should be of interest to current Decisions users looking to pull out data in different formats, and also any developers in the area of Response Team software looking to build apps on top of the platform, we're hoping to see new apps arise from this around equipment management, personnel tracking and activity reporting. We've even started building on it already and plan to go API first with all future releases.

New Features

One of the major improvements you'll notice from the previous API will be the documentation. As well as being more detailed with a fresh new design, we will be supplying a development sandbox in which you can test API calls directly from the documentation. For anyone building on the existing API, we've aimed to make as little breaking changes as possible, so it should be very little effort to move over to version 2.

We've created a forum for any discussions around the API to take place, and encourage anyone planning to build on it to get involved with any suggestions or questions.

John Brett,
[D4H] Decisions Lead Engineer

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