Part 2 of 4: Transportation of Dangerous Goods in Canada


Transporting dangerous goods is a high pressure job. Our customers are always talking about the strain their equipment is under, making maintenance a key concern. In this post we'll take a look at how you can be sure your equipment is ready to go at a minutes notice.

In PART 1 of this series we advised how [D4H] can aid you in meeting your obligations under Transport of Dangerous Goods(TDG) Legislation in ensuring your equipment is maintained and tracked. In our discussions with customers we discovered a number of major points of concern for them. They advised that an ERAP plan holder or contractor must identify how response equipment is .............

1. Inspected Regularly

A number of companies we’ve spoken with have assigned a staff member who has a sole responsibility of equipment inspection and ensuring equipment is in a constant state of readiness. This has been carried out in a labour intensive way by tracking this expensive equipment with an inexpensive spreadsheet or paper based system.

By using [D4H] automated inspections they find that they can put in place a structured system of recurring inspections allowing them to clearly audit if equipment is operational, unserviceable, lost or requires repair.

2. Fit for Purpose

The nature of a transportation incident could mean that a response will have a large number of people using large volumes of equipment. The customers we’ve talked to have advised how difficult it is to provide access to manuals describing the function of equipment and instructions on the use of this equipment when the need arises. They discussed how in their ERAP they have an obligation to ensure that equipment is fit for purpose.

[D4H] Equipment management allows them to assign product specifications and manuals to an individual item of equipment. Ensuring that they can easily reference if an item is fit for purpose and also allow responders to have access to manuals ensuring the correct use of this equipment.

3. Readily Available

The companies we’ve worked with in Canada have spoken of how that due to the size of the area they respond within that it is not uncommon practice to have a cache of equipment placed at a number of strategic locations to ensure a quick and efficient response.

They’ve commented how [D4H] Equipment management allows them to barcode and track equipment across multiple locations. Quickly bulk move items or distribute batches of consumables.

4. Maintained and Repaired

An ERAP must show that response equipment is maintained in a state of readiness. Maintenance plans must be retained and made available to a TDG inspector at anytime. Again in our discussion we found that these task’s were being maintained on paper or in spreadsheets.

An example of the importance of maintenance according to the teams we’ve spoken with. Is that they want to be sure they’re assigning personal protective equipment that is checked and maintained. Ensuring that they are tracking activities in a manner that show’s they act in a manner that minimizes exposure of staff to Hazards when on the site of a hot or warm zone.

Using [D4H] allows them to track and assign maintenance and repairs to personnel when equipment is damaged. Get notified of task completion and track any costs incurred.

[D4H] Series: Transportation of Dangerous Goods in Canada

The purpose of this series is to aid you in ensuring you have the best possible information for your ERAP. In the upcoming series of blog posts, [D4H] will be looking at how we can aid you in adhering to your, personnel recording, exercising, training and debriefing obligations under TDG Regulation. Interested in learning more now? Download an Information Pack or Contact Me.

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