Summer Interns: Apps for Handheld Barcode Scanners


We currently have Dave Synnott working here at D4H HQ as a development intern. Dave is a 23 year old student, living in Dublin studying computer science in Trinity College Dublin. He has been working on a few projects, with the guidance of John Brett, who is a senior software engineer here at D4H. We caught up with Dave and John to find out about life as a D4H intern and to get an insider look at the current projects underway here at D4H.


What attracted you to the internship at D4H?

The software D4H provide initially piqued my interest, especially as I started to realise there was a gap in the market where not a lot of work had been done before. Also from a practical point of view, an internship close to home saves a lot on travel costs. And who could resist the amazing office location?

What projects have you been working on here?

I'm working on a mobile app to interact with the current D4H software. The part we're targeting at the moment is scanning barcodes of inventory items and performing many of the operations that the current desktop software already does such as changing it's status, i.e. unserviceable, retired or lost; move and item, it's physical location; add/remove a repair if needed and add/remove an inspection.

What skills have you learned here thus far?

The work I'm doing is mostly using the AngularJS and Ionic framework. I haven't used either before so I'm starting to get off the ground. Otherwise it's mostly been brushing up on Javascript (i.e. most of it). At the moment we're focusing on the Android OS and specifically the Trimble Juno T41, which is a water and dust resistance tough device with a bar code scanner. So I've also been getting used to the device itself and developing for Android.

How will your experience at D4H prepare you for the future?

From a knowledge point of view, it will be things the technologies mentioned previously but more importantly, working on a real world, longterm project. It's not something you can learn from college. Also, simply being in a working environment and working within a team will be of great benefit to me in the future.

What aspects of your internship have you particularly enjoyed/found most beneficial?

Well a definite benefit of working at D4H is the office location. Being almost completely surrounded by the sea with great views of Dublin bay is an amazing working environment. When you need a break there's nothing better than staring out the window and taking it all in for a few minutes.

But like I've mentioned previously, the things I'm learning, both technologies and the working environment, will be very beneficial.


How do you think a company like D4H benefits from an internship program?

I think we benefit in a number of ways. We have a small team here in D4H, any extra help we can get always comes in useful as you can imagine.

I also find interns can provide a fresh perspective on new or existing ideas as are less constrained with existing industry standards and workflows, which can lead to outside-the-box thinking and keeps us on our toes.

When it comes to recruitment, internship programs are also invaluable in terms of networking, and establishing the level of talent in the potential applicants out there.

Can you tell us a bit about Dave’s project?

The project is to create an equipment barcode scanning app that will interact with the equipment module in the Decisions platform, to allow our customers to track and manage their equipment much easier. It's quite an interesting project as it mixes hardware and software to create a experience and way to interact with the Decisions platform. It's a feature that has been requested many times by our customers and is using some new and interesting technologies such as Phonegap, Android, and the Ionic Framework. We hope to have a first prototype in the next couple of weeks, so it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

What does this mean for D4H?

The new app will be the first mobile and hardware dedicated project we release, it's a good demonstration of our ability to target new platforms and means D4H will have a new way to reach and further benefit our users.

Hope you have enjoyed this post! Keep an eye on the blog for more updates from D4H HQ.

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