Release Notes: D4H Mail Now More Secure


Weve an update on our email security, and want to talk about upcoming plans. Here are Mays release notes.

What's New?

In this months release note: A brief note on upgraded security of our mail, and a look at our new API.

Mail Security

There has been a lot of controversy about data security recently between surveillance, public security breaches and the infamous Heartbleed bug. Security is a high priority to us at D4H. We had some security updates in our last blog post, and this week we've more. When it comes to what tools and service providers we use, the first thing we examine is the security.

We're happy to announce that Sendgrid, who handle our email delivery and management, have increased their efforts to secure your data in transport, and will now use opportunistic encryption to further protect your mail, whether it be weekly briefings or from our Comms Module, you can rest assured the best effort is always made to keep your data safe.

Decisions API

We've been getting more and more requests to add features to our existing API from customers looking to build apps, or for other services trying to build on top of the Decisions platform. What we've realised is the best approach is to revamp the current API, and we're migrating it from PHP to NodeJS. This will allow us to provide a higher performant API, that we can also extend and improve at a higher pace. A lot of major companies have also been making this switch such as Walmart and Paypal, and after seeing the success they've had, it's made the decision to migrate that much easier. We look forward to having more details on this in our next engineering blog post.

Full Release Notes

  • Product updates on Dashboard now linked to our new blog and website
  • Fixed an issue with recurring on-call events
  • Fixed a big on the equipment inspection filters that prevented it from filtering correctly
  • Removed the member name from the reduced incident report
  • Added member details to shipping reports
  • Fixed an issue that generated repeated text in a fear audit report
  • Allow user to specify batch ID for shipping report
  • Added ability to delete officer from organization account
  • Fixed UI issue in groups side bar where HTML tag wasn't closed properly
  • Added Email export fix for large groups of recipients
  • Added Wind miles per hour to Incident PDF
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent an outbound SMS sending from the old communications system
  • Added incident error message, that would indicate why an incident may not be able to save
  • Weather alerts now update, instead of stacking up for longer alerts

As always, we hope these product updates prove useful and we look forward to answering any questions you may have.

John Brett,
[D4H] Decisions Lead Engineer

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