Release Notes: New Website and Organization Reporting!


We eased back on the engineering release note and blog posts while we were building our new website. With it now finished, we plan on getting them back on track with this post.

What's New?

Some of you might have noticed some improvements to the Decisions platform over the last two months, but I thought I'd go through them in more detail here for anyone that might have missed them.

New Website

Our Engineering posts have taken a back seat while we were building our new site (let us know what you think!). We built it using the excellent Perch CMS for it's flexibility in design and ease of you use, and we're quite pleased with the result.

Organization Reports

We have now added the rich Custom Reporting feature you will have experienced at Team level to Organization accounts. Along with this, we've made them extra configuration options, such as the ability to group by team and created a completely customisable layout engine allowing for extra manipulation of data. Calculating differences between incident timestamps, getting averages on total times per base are all now possible. On top of that, we've made date ranges adjustable for existing saved reports at both Team and Organisation level.

Self Service Preview


Some of you may have heard about the Heartbleed security bug last month. Along with a very swift response to patching all our servers we decided to look at areas we could further increase our security, and decided to beef up our password requirements (remember, it's good practice to change your passwords regularly!). We have implemented two factor authentication internally, and you can expect to have two-factor authentication as an extra security option for your team in the coming weeks, along with other security upgrades such as notifications for failed login attempts.

Two Factor Preview

Full Release Notes


  • Added ability to make custom fields indexable, so they can be searched by our improved quick search
  • Allow only owners to see deleted members, editors can see retired members
  • Locations now ordered by name in Location list
  • Serial column added to kind list
  • Improved the inspections comments user experience
  • Fixed the toggle status change button sync on bulk equipment movements
  • Update search indexes on an update of a gear type
  • Improved page load performance when loading inspection gear items
  • Added Organization custom reports
  • Added ability to display Organisation custom reports grouped by team
  • Added ability for user to generate Decisions API Keys
  • Reset equipment expiry alert if date has been reset
  • Fixed equipment weight update dialog on equipment edit
  • Added support for decimals in the numeric custom field type


  • Improved password requirements and password reset page
  • Fixed a display issue around activity references in Internet Explorer
  • Added Two Factor authentication for Admins only
  • Improved how maps are displayed at Organisation level
  • Fixed an issue with retrieving weather information for past dates with custom timestamps
  • Fixed an issue with Twilio incoming urls getting out of sync if Twilio number updated
  • New Organization custom layout engine added
  • Fixed bug around updating gear with imperial weights
  • Removed alert when adding quick adding gear items
  • Fixed display issue with tides in activities
  • Fixed display issue that prevented widget previews from displaying
  • Greatly improved new comms sent box loading performance
  • Fixed a display issue that on occasion prevented the on-call calendar from displaying correcly
  • Fixed the member link in attendance self service reports
  • Upgraded all of Organization to use the latest user permissioning system
  • Hide Drafts header on dashboard if no drafts in list
  • Calendar agenda now sorted chronologically
  • Hide retired or inactive units from Organization dashaboard
  • Fixed on-call planner formatting issue
  • Fixed unique auto ID bug when filtering by activity type
  • Fixed capability status button display in team dashboard
  • Fixed a use case that allowed activity auto IDs to get out of sync
  • Improved performance of how search indexes are updated on update of gear kind

As always, we hope these product updates prove useful and we look forward to answering any questions you may have.

John Brett,
[D4H] Decisions Lead Engineer

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