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D4H was rolled out to Spartanburg Regional HERT. Spartanburg Regional in South Carolina is the first hospital in the nation to develop a comprehensive HERT (Hospital Emergency Response Team).

Spartanburg Regional received a request from the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) to assist in the reception of victims from the Gulf Coast. The experience prompted the development of a team that could respond to significant disasters and emergency management situations internally as well as externally.

The team is comprised of clinical and non-clinical volunteers who receive detailed and specific training that focuses on the “all hazards” approach to healthcare emergency management and response. The team consists of 98 individuals who have dedicated their time to preserving lives and ensuring the continuity of care for not only the healthcare system and local community but our regional and national community as well.

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HERT is made up of responders from multiple disciplines that support the various teams; they are truly volunteers that will donate their time to a greater cause. The fact that team members are spread out across multiple teams can make it difficult to find a person from among the team, to perform an everyday task such as a repair or inspection.

Historically, the team has managed the inventory and assignments by way of pen, paper, spreadsheet, not effective use of the team’s time and energies. There was no way to simply communicate with a team member that a repair or inspection must be completed by a certain date. There was also no simple way for the responder to mark the inspection or calibration as complete. Another problem was sharing incident reports with members who missed a call out.

Spartanburg Regional HERT - D4H revolutionized how we conducted our business and provided a solid collaborative communication platform.

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D4H was rolled out to Spartanburg Regional HERT. Spartanburg Regional in South Carolina is the first hospital in the nation to develop a comprehensive HERT (Hospital Emergency Response Team). Spartanburg Regional is a level one trauma center, which provides the team with a unique operational footprint.

Now Spartanburg Regional HERT can assign a task to a particular member or post it at the Whiteboard for someone looking for a project.

“D4H has revolutionized how we conducted our business as well as provided a solid collaborative communication platform that provides cutting-edge technologies and effective outcomes.” Jeff Straub - Emergency Manager / System Safety Officer - Spartanburg Healthcare System.

D4H is multi­-award-winning Response Team Management software which is designed especially for the preparation, management, analysis, and prevention of incidents. The software is available as a complete suite or can be broken down into independent modules D4H Personnel & Training, D4H Equipment Management, D4H Incident Management and D4H Incident Reporting.

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D4H Readiness & Response software is the complete but modular solution used by thousands of emergency response teams and corporations around the world to professionally manage their incidents, personnel, and equipment.

D4H supports over 70.000 responders and tracks over 15 million hours of response data every year from terrorist attacks to natural disasters, from maritime emergencies to chemical spills.

We don’t simply support responders, we are responders. We have a duty to innovate; to keep improving our software through response team’s feedback combined with the latest technologies available. We lead the field by leveraging our own experiences, constantly testing our solutions and striving to be the best at supporting our customer’s mission.

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