The D4H brand.

Our brand is a meaningful message that will represent us strongly as we deploy D4H across the readiness & response systems of entire countries, corporations, and governments.

Our brand identity has been developed to match our vision, mission, values, and overall direction. This is how we live our lives. We don’t simply support responders, we are responders. As we enter the next evolution of D4H Readiness & Response solutions, our brand has been updated to reflect our forward-thinking service approach and our core duty to innovate.


Our Logo Explained

It is about simplicity, the same as our platform; designed to be easy-to-use and user-friendly, and our logo needed to represent this as well. We moved from a complex identity in the past to something just simple that resonates with our technology usability.

Our Colors

Some response teams want to be seen, others don’t even want you to know they exist. Our new brand represents all of our customers; the bright color for the overt emergency response, and the grey blending into the background for covert special operations.

Our new primary color is ‘Federal Standard - Fluorescent Red Orange’ (#FC4827, RGB 252,72,39) or ‘Emergency Orange’ as the military call it. Fluorescent Red Orange is highly visible in daylight, dawn, and dusk is the color used in the orange reflective stripes adorning emergency vehicles. When printed on a background color, the bright orange stripe is replaced with light silver grey representing reflective tape, often wrapped around our work wear, helmets, jackets, and life vests.

D4h colors

The Stripe

The service stripe is one of the main characteristics of the new logo. A service stripe holds huge meaning to those who wear it; often awarded for length of service to others. For us, it represents the respect we hold for the service you give personally to be ready and respond.

D4H all started with one simple idea, “how can today’s data improve tomorrow’s performance?”. Founded in 2008 by Robin Blandford, combining his service in the Coast Guard with technology, the half chevron also gives a nod to the ‘racing stripe’ or ‘slash’, the global symbol of the Coast Guard for over 51 countries worldwide.

D4h logo stripe 1

Sharp Edges D4H builds cutting-edge technologies for the readiness, response, and re-evaluation phases of incident response. The sharp edges and cuts give the logo an accurate and technical feel.

D4h logo sharp edges 1 1

Logo Versions

We have developed two different D4H logo version, one for light backgrounds and another for darker or colored backgrounds.

D4H Technologies logos