Our Lighthouse HQ.

The Baily Lighthouse, headquarters of D4H Technologies, has been saving lives for over 200 years. Now it has the chance to do it in the digital age.

Our headquarters occupies the former Light Keepers Training College at the Baily Lighthouse, Dublin, Ireland. Positioned way up on rocks with a 134ft high tower and light beaming out into Dublin Bay - the view from every desk is just incredible. For over 200 years, the lighthouse has played a main role in saving lives on the busiest coastline in Ireland.

The lighthouse was converted to automatic operation and the Lighthouse Keepers were withdrawn from the Baily on 24th March 1997 as the last Irish Lighthouse to be unwatched. From the nautical artwork of shipwrecks on the walls, to the portraits of coastal watch keepers and the navigation & signaling equipment gathered over 200 years, there is a deep history of accident prevention and emergency response in our building.

We are based in Howth 25 minutes from the capital of Ireland, Dublin City. Howth is where the Norse Vikings fled to regroup after Brian Ború, the High King of Ireland, defeated them in 1014. The Vikings remained a force here until isolated at the Baily, boarding their longboats and leaving Howth to fall to the Normans in 1177.

Dublin Bay is the main shipping channel between Ireland’s capital and Europe, over hundreds of years many ships including the Dublin Packet Steamer have hit these rocks, and thousands of lives have been lost to the sea in the bay.

We’re a software company that saves lives. We develop and operate the world’s leading emergency response team software that helps organizations better prevent, manage, prepare, and analyze their incidents. We have a team of engineers, customer success personnel, and business professionals who build and export this technology product from the Baily Lighthouse in Dublin Bay to a global customer base around the world.

Please note: The Baily Lighthouse property and surrounding area is private, and managed as an active aid to navigation. Please do not visit without an appointment. For photography, filming, or tours, please contact Commissioner Of Irish Lights directly.

Baily Lighthouse "Saving Lives" Documentary (7mins)